Nick and Knight Experience (Almost a year later)

It’s taken me so long to write this concert experience because I have been trying (trying being the keyword) to write more of Where Do We Go From Here. Working on My Heart Beats For edit collections. Working and being a mom. And on top of that my 2 year old decided to use my laptop as a stepping stone. Cracking my screen to irreplaceable. So any little work I’ve been doing has been on my iPad and iPhone. At least until I can buy another laptop.

It’s been a year since Nick and Jordan announced a tour for their Nick and Knight album. I was beyond excited. Why? Because the year before that, Backstreet Boys came to Dallas, Texas. I had seen them for the first time when I was 14 years old. And seeing them as an adult (24 years old) it was a whole new experience. My fellow Backstreet friends warned me that once I got some from BSB, I would want more… Well they were very right. At that point I had only done the show and the after party. No VIP. I was left with wanting more and more. So I vowed that if they came back I would get a picture with Nick if it was the last thing I did. When they announced the tour, of course I checked the dates. They had only booked several shows. And Texas wasn’t mentioned. I was sad but at the same time the tour planning was still in it’s beginning stages and they would be adding more dates. Sure enough, I believe it was less than a month later, and I checked if they had added any more. They had added dates for many southern states, including Texas. I went to work on the research and calculating. I found out how much it would be to get the VIP. And along with the VIP I needed the concert ticket to get in. It would cost me about $70 to buy the ticket and $250 for the VIP. Thinking about how the VIP’s for BSB were at least $400, I thought that I could manage $250 if I started saving from that moment. Remember, I swore that I would get that picture with Nick. I began to save up…

A month later, I was able to save up for the ticket. I purchased it. It was a General Admission. I wasn’t sure where I was gonna be and I didn’t care because I was determined to buy the VIP and all I needed the ticket for was to get in. Now to save up for VIP. I was having a hard time saving up the money. Getting impatient and getting nowhere with my saving up, I went and did ONE of the craziest things a Nick Carter fan can do. I used my overdraft insurance on my account to my advantage. First I bought the VIP. With $10 in my account I proceeded to purchase it, over drafting my account by $240. Next paycheck I got, went to paying off that overdraft. I didn’t mind as long as baby had her diapers and I got my VIP.

At the time that I bought the tickets, I was working a job that had me home most of the week. I was working 6 hours a week so it looked like I would be ok for the concert day. Tickets were purchased in May. In August I was hired at Walmart to work at least 25 hours. So as soon as I was hired I requested November 5th and the 6th off Since I had to travel out of town. The week that they would confirm the schedule for that week, they changed management so my schedule was lost in translation. I was scheduled to work on the day of the concert so I was having a nervous breakdown. I spent almost 2 months trying to solve that issue I finally got it all straightened out and I was off the days that I originally requested off. I was all set for the concert. Countdown was on!

All I could feel was excitement, butterflies in my stomach, and I was definitely nervous. It was my one time chance to get this right and get a good picture. If I messed it up, God only knew when my next opportunity would come. My work days became so long. November 4th came around and I had to work till 8pm. That whole day was unbearable because I knew that I would be meeting Nick the following day. My co workers don’t understand my infatuation with Nick. So I couldn’t express myself the way I wanted to. That night I got home from work and had dinner. As soon as I got baby girl into bed, I double checked my list of things I needed to take. And I waited for my dad to come pick me up. We drove to Dallas. Once we got there I started feeling sick to my stomach. It was finally hitting me that I was gonna meet the man that I’ve dreamed of for 14 years. We arrived to dad’s apartment and I settled in like I always do. I had dinner and sat down with my dad to watch some TV. I was very antsy. I took a shower to try and relax. It didn’t work. Before he went to bed Dad told me that I had to sleep because I was gonna have a long day. I knew he was right. Because it was a very long day when I went to see BSB the year before that. And I didn’t have VIP then. This time I did so I had an early check in, etc. I decided that I was gonna continue to watch The Vampire Diaries on Netflix. I finally fell asleep. An hour later my alarm went off. Normally, I would hate my alarm, but not this time. It was 10:30. I got dressed. I sat down at my dad’s computer and I checked the Dallas Dart train schedule from DFW Airport. My dad was gonna work that day. So I was trying to make it easy for him. The original plan was that he was gonna drive me all the way to Dallas. It was about 45 minutes from where he lives. So if he had driven me, I knew he was gonna hit bad traffic coming back and he would be late for work. On top of that, I would’ve been roaming around Dallas for a couple of hours to kill time. So as I’m checking the schedule and the routes. I found one leaving directly from the airport at the same time dad had to clock in. He works at the airport so it was just plain perfect. I would get on the train and once I got to Dallas, I’d have to walk about 10 minutes to the venue. Then when the show was over, I’d walk back to the station and head back to the airport. By the time I would be arriving, my dad was clocking out. Another thing was that since it was a day of first times, I figured I could add that one to the list of firsts. So again the idea of me taking the train was perfect for the both of us. When he got out of bed. I talked to him about it. He said that he didn’t mind taking me to Dallas. But I told him that it would be Ok if I did take the train. He said OK. He got ready for work early so that we could go have lunch together. While he got ready, I put on my makeup and straightened my hair. Once we were ready, we headed out. We had lunch. Then we went straight to the airport. He walked me to the train station. Then we parted ways. It was about time for him to clock in, just like everything was planned. Once I got on the train, the train didn’t want to start. I got very anxious because I was cutting it close and I didn’t want to be late. Finally the train started. I texted dad to let him know that I was on and we were headed out.

While on the train I was listening to a mix of Within Temptation, Delain, and Nick and Knight. I was also tweeting away my every movement. Now that I think about it, was not a good idea being that I was alone. It took 1 hour and 30 minutes to get to Dallas. The scenery was great. And the experience was liberating. To take a trip like that on a train, to the city all by myself. I got off the train and immediately got lost. LOL. Who does that? Apparently me. So I turned my trusty Siri on. Turned out I took a wrong turn. So Siri led me around a whole block. I had an hour to spare before check in and Siri was telling me that I was exactly 9 minutes away from the venue. I took my sweet time because I know that Nick likes to roam around the cities he’s in. So who knew maybe I’d run into him or Lauren or anyone of the clan. I kept walking towards House of Blues Dallas. I saw one of the buses parked behind the venue. I was too excited. I got there with 45 minutes to spare. I called dad, and everyone else that were waiting for my call to let them know that I had arrived. I stood there waiting for anything to happen. It began to rain. My straightened hair became this frizzy mess. and my makeup well…I didn’t look anything like I did when I got ready. I was like great thanks mother nature, now I’m gonna look horrible for the picture of a lifetime. And I also cursed out the weather men that told me it was gonna be in the 70’s. But instead it turned out to be in the 50’s. I had no jacket of course. The crowd started getting bigger. The Nick fans stood on one side and the Jordan fans stood to the other side. They opened the door to the bar area so that we could get out of the rain. The girls that were dressed like they were going out on a date with the guys went inside. The rest stayed outside. Including myself. I had to use the bathroom so I went inside. There was this loudmouth that from the moment she saw me, she was throwing daggers at me with her eyes. I heard her say to the others, ‘Oh great, they are letting the riff raff in.’ I was so mad. But if it wasn’t because I had waited for this moment for so long, I stopped myself from kicking her ass and pulling her weave out. To be honest I saw so many ladies, not girls that were bragging about how many concerts and cruises they had been to. Looking down on us that were not dressed like them. In my opinion, they were 30 and 40 somethings that didn’t have kids and didn’t work. They were saying ‘Oh yeah, my husband payed for this and my husband payed for that and blah blah blah.’ Moving on.

Almost an hour later, the crew from GroundCntrl came out to check us in. They separated us by groups. The ones for Nick VIP, which I was in. The ones for Jordan, and the ones for the Nick and Knight Experience. The ones for Jordan and Nick and Knight Experience went first. The Nick only group waited a little bit because Mr. Carter was late as usual. Finally when he was ready, we were led to the bottom floor of the building. They lined us up and one by one we took out VIP picture. My turn came and I walked slowly to him. He was grinning at me, like he had known me for years. I got to him and I heard him say ‘HEY SWEETHEART’. I just about melted. He threw his arm around my waist and the photographer snapped the picture. He must have sensed that I was nervous and everything because the next thing I knew, he rubbed my back and said, ‘It’s alright, sweetheart’. I could feel my cheeks get hot. I knew I was blushing. I told him. ‘Thank you so much’ and I hesitantly walked away. It happened so fast. I didn’t say anything to him. And now I regret that. There was so many things that I could’ve told him. But no. Stupid shy girl had to take over. When he got done with all the VIP photos. He had us climb to the very top of the venue to have our meet and greet. We literally went up to like the 10th floor (at least that’s what it felt like) When we got to the top, my tongue was literally dragging on the floor. Nick was perfectly fine. Like he hadn’t climbed all those stairs. He was just plain amazing. But the little fan-girl in my head was screaming at him, “Why the fuck did you make this fat girl climb up those stairs.” I was telling the fan-girl that maybe he wanted us to have the experience of working out with him. Hahahahaha. In reality it was because it was a quiet spot we could have our meet and greet.

The group of 15 to 20 girls that were there, gathered around Nick. He made a short introduction. He asked us, who was there for the first time. My hand shot up along with some other girls. He smiled and he welcomed us. Then he asked if we had any questions for him. No one said anything. So I grew a small pair of balls and said ‘As you know, they aired the last episode of I HEART NICK CARTER.’ He smiled again. “I loved how you were fighting with your quivering chin.’ He laughed. Then he said, ‘Yeah, I hate when that happens.” Everyone laughed. At that moment when I said that to him, he was looking at me. He gave me ALL of his attention. Like if I was the only person in the room. HE made me feel important. I stood there thinking about that, as he continued conversing with the other fans.

Once he got done with the Meet and Greet, he looked for a spot with decent lighting for our selfies. We lined up once again. My turn came up and I gave him my book so he could autograph it. Then he took my phone and took a series of selfies. I literally had to take my phone away from him. If it wasn’t for the fact that we were running late, I would’ve stayed a little longer with him. And just maybe I could’ve told him everything I wanted to. But me being so nice, I was thinking about the other fans after me.

We got done with all of that so we headed to the General Admission area for sound check. As I was standing there I changed my profile picture on Facebook to my selfie with Nick. Within the first 5 minutes I had over 20 something likes. Everybody who’s known me for a long time knew that I had waited 15 fucking years for that moment and they were all so happy for me. Once I did that I walked over to the bar and got me an Amaretto Sour. I asked the bartender to make it a double. I was ready to come out of my comfort zone. She made it so perfect and now that I think about it, I should’ve taken the straw out. I drank that bitch like it was water. I picked my spot. I was right there next to the stage. I chatted with some other girls while I ate the ice in my cup. Then once I was done with that I went for a second double Amaretto Sour. It was just as good as the first one. And once again I didn’t take the straw out. So I drank it just as fast. I’m assuming that I had the equivalent of 4 single shots. Since I don’t normally drink, I was feeling them. Nick and Jordan came out and there instruments and being clowns. Jordan was playing the keyboard and Nick was playing his acoustic guitar. But for some reason, I looked over to my left and I saw Mike, Nick’s bodyguard. Since I wasn’t really missing anything on stage, and I had alcohol in my system, I decided to walk over to Mike to say hello. To me all the bodyguards that I’ve seen in the Boys’ pictures are rock stars. It was like talking to Nick himself. I gave Mike a hug. The first words that came out where, ‘I’m sorry about your brother’. For those of you who don’t know, his brother Q passed away while they were on the first leg of In A World Like This tour. Q was also part of the Backstreet Boys bodyguard entourage. Mike thanked me and told me that Q was always with us. Mike was so sweet. I loved his positive vibe. Honestly I think he’s one of the best our Boys could have to protect them. I then asked him if he could take a picture with me. He didn’t hesitate to snap a selfie with me. I am so glad that I could meet such an amazing man.

I went back to the bar and got another drink. I was up to 6 single shots. I was loose. I was comfortable. I went back to my spot. Nick and Jordan were singing Halfway There. I got into it. Then they sang Nobody Better. The music stopped halfway through the first chorus. Jordan felt like he was offbeat. They made some adjustments and continued. They wrapped up sound check and went backstage. In the time that they went backstage and the time they came out I had another 4 double Amaretto Sours. I was gonna need it if I was gonna keep my spot when the crowds came in. This time around I was gonna get the full experience and I wasn’t gonna be pushed aside. The Backstreet Boys fans here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are vicious. Ha!

Lights were turned off. The band came out and the show began. Music began and I could feel it running through my veins like electricity. Nick looked so amazing in his vest and white shirt. But he made me giggle every time he would dance and then had to pull his pants up and tuck his shirt in. I kept thinking, that’s what happens when you lose all that weight and now you don’t have the white boy fat ass that I love. LOL.

The show overall was amazing. I did not expect any less. Nick and Jordan delivered. And about their Pony-stage-humping incident. Oh Lawd! I think every panty in the house was soaked. I was just glad that I was front row for that. LOL. I also loved that Nick’s solo song was I Got You. That’s one of my favorite solo songs. And it just so happened that I had dedicated it to my daughter when she was born. That song meant the world to me and to hear Nick perform it live well I have no words for it. And I’m definitely glad that I was recording it. Even though he caught me by surprise. I know I cried the whole time he was singing it. The last time I went through a sob fest over Nick was when my mom ripped up all my posters off my wall (Long story).

The show came to end, although I wish it hadn’t. But all good things must come to an end. I enjoyed every minute of it that’s for sure.

We exited the venue. The moment I was out of the building I called dad. I had to make the walk back to the train station and I felt safer having him on the phone. I told him all about it. And he was so happy for me that he was telling all his coworkers about my adventure. He stayed on the phone with me till I got on the train. I hung up with him and then I called my mom, my sister, and my mother in law. Ha! Of course my mother in law was telling me that she wasn’t sure I was coming back home. That she expected me to sneak on Nick’s bus and leave with him. LOL. I made all those phone calls within 20 minutes. Then I spent the rest of the train ride staring at my selfie with Nick. Still in shock. In shock that I finally made it happen.

I keep hearing that the more pictures I get with him, it won’t be as shocking. But I don’t think they realize that this was a once in a lifetime experience. Why? Because even though, I didn’t get enough of him and if I wasn’t a mom I’d do again, I choose my responsibilities over Nick Carter. But of course I will forever treasure this moment. And for now I will be content living vicariously through my fellow Backstreet friends…