Black and Blue Experience

I don’t remember much about when I went to see Backstreet Boys for their Black and Blue tour. I was about 13 years old. My mom told me that if I was a good girl that she would buy me tickets to see them. Of course I was beyond excited. She talked to my cousin about getting the tickets and so on. My cousin found out when and where the tickets would go on sale. That day came and I was a nervous wreck. Not knowing how the whole ticket purchasing process went, I figured anything could’ve gone wrong. Also, being in my rebellious stage, my mom threatened several times to sell my ticket. Thankfully though, I think she didn’t have the heart to do what she said she would.

June 29th, 2001 came around. School had just let out for the summer and I was beyond excited even though I was headed to summer school the Monday after the show. My cousin and her husband at the time picked up me up at my grandma’s and we were headed to Hartford, CT. to what was known at the time as Meadows Music theater. I was definitely excited. I was seeing my favorite boyband in the world for the first time. We got off the highway. At the exit there’s was a Burger King. Their marquee said Burger King Presents Backstreet Boys. I snapped a picture with my disposable camera. When we finally got there, my cousin’s husband dropped us off. We walked into the venue and lined up at the entrance. Once we got to the security guard, he told me that I couldn’t bring in my camera so they confiscated it. I was so upset! I was too excited to get in that I completely got over it. We got in and headed straight to out seats. The way that venue was set up, there was the seats area. And behind the seats area there was a lawn (that’s what the venue called it). My cousin and I had tickets for last row seats. As an adult if I was gonna pay that much money I would’ve bitched about it. But at 13, I was just glad that I was gonna see the Backstreet Boys for the first time in my life! And the way I saw it, at least I wasn’t in the lawn area. Shaggy was the opening act. And for the first hour and a half he played all his hits. His performance was great and it had the crowd dancing. Soon after there was an intermission. There were a group up in the crowd chanting ‘BACKSTREET BOYS, BACKSTREET BOYS, BACKSTREET BOYS’. I had dreamed about chanting their name. So I joined and got another group started in the back of the venue. It was an exciting feeling. Finally the lights were turned off and the show started with a big screen and comet hitting the earth. Setting the show in the future. The Boys came out with a bang. I was extremely excited. The show got underway. They performed all their hits and also songs from the BLACK AND BLUE. Of course I was fan girling all the way. Screaming at the top of my lungs. My cousin had to stick her finger in her ear to shield herself from my high pitch teenage screaming. I was cheering and shouting for Nick as if he could hear me from all the way down there. The girl in front of me turned around and told me that I was being too loud and that I needed to be quiet. I was so upset because I felt like I had every right to scream and shout for them. It was until I looked at the back of her shirt when I realized that she was a Nick girl too and she didn’t like the fact that I was shouting his name. I continued to scream not caring about the girl I was there to see the Boys, not to be bullied by an idiot fan. I loved every moment of the show. They closed the show with Shape of My Heart. Then my cousin and I ran out the venue as fast a we could. When we got out, I reached the end of the sidewalk. As I’m standing there waiting for my cousin to catch up to me, one of the buses drove out. It was a big black tour bus. I was positive that it was one of their buses. This bus was about 20 feet away from me. I just looked at it in awe. We finally left the venue and met up with my cousin’s husband and went home.

I spent the night at my grandmother’s. The next morning, as soon as I woke up I called home to talk to my sister. But she couldn’t hear me because of course concert rookie me didn’t take care of her voice and I lost my voice completely. And on top of that I was feeling disappointed. I felt that I had seen the show on TV and I saw little tiny Backstreet Ants dancing on stage. At that moment I had to be satisfied with what I got because I knew that I was never gonna get the chance to see them again……That is until I found out that they were coming to Dallas a week before my Birthday in 2013. For the In a World Like This Tour…