My Concert Experiences

I’ve been an official fan of Nick Carter since 1999. I was just 11 years old. Hitting my pre-teen boy crazy phase. Before then I had heard As Long As You Love Me on the radio but I never paid attention to who sang it. Until Disney Channel did that 1 hour special concert. You know the one where they perform in the New Amsterdam Theater in New York City. They performed As Long As You Love Me and I realized that it was them. I had also fallen in love with 19 year old Nick Carter’s hair. From then on I’ve been hooked on Backstreet Boys.

I have seen Backstreet Boys live twice in my lifetime. I saw them the first time in 2001 for the BLACK AND BLUE Tour. I was disappointed because I was so far away and I saw little tiny Backstreet Ants dancing on stage. The second time I saw them was in 2013 for the IN A WORLD LIKE THIS Tour. I really enjoyed it. This time I was old enough to enjoy it like a concert should be enjoyed. For both concerts I was fan girling but this time around I was able to do it without being the crazy-Nick-Carter-Is-Going-To-Marry-Me-Or-I-Will-Kill-Myself fan. I guess I have matured. HA! But I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only fan out there who has grown with the boys. Each concert has gotten me more ambitious to getting closer to Nick. So ambitious in fact that I did get to meet the man that I’ve looked up to for 15 years.

I finally met Nick Carter. He got together with Jordan Knight of New Kids On The Block and made an album titled Nick and Knight. They did a tour and I went to the Dallas show on November 5th 2014. I bought the VIP and I was able to meet Nick. And I got a picture with him! Best day of my life. I want to share my concert stories with you. And these are it…

Black and Blue Experience

In A World Like This Experience

Nick and Knight Experience

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