Recognized and Followed

Nissa and her dad went home with full Tummies.

“Thank you dad. I had a good time.”

“Me too, honey”

“Well I have some tweeting to do. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Ok sweetheart. By the way what do you have planned for tomorrow?”

“Well I’m going to see if I can get a job. Just to keep my mind busy.”

“What about college?”

“I’m still not sure about what I want to take. So I’m putting it on hold for now.”

“Sounds like a good plan. That way you will make sure that what you take is what you want to do.”

“Yep. Well anyway. love you dad.”

“Love you too!”

She went up to her room. She logged on to Twitter. She decided to tweet her awesome picture with Nick.

@NissaSohma: So the picture with @BoyBanderNik I didn’t get at the concert. I got this morning at the airport this morning.

She uploaded the pictures.

@NissaSohma: Best time of my life!!!!

She took a shower and got into bed. She unlocked and looked at her newest wallpaper. It was the picture of Nick kissing her on the cheek. She honestly couldn’t believe that had happened. At least she could say that if she had dropped dead the next day, she would’ve died extremely happy!

6am came too fast. Although she really didn’t need to get up that early, she still did anyway. She had been doing that for so long when she was in school that she couldn’t see how the hell she was gonna break that habit.

The sun was shining through the green/orange/brown leaves in the tree by her window. She loved the fall season. She got out of bed and got through her morning routine, when she heard her Twitter notification go off on her phone. It was a reply to her tweet from last night.

@BoyBanderNik: @NissaSohma I’m glad you enjoyed the photo sesh. I enjoyed talking with you!

I immediately replied back!

@NissaSohma: @BoyBanderNik Thank you so Much!! You have definitely made my year.

@BoyBanderNik: @NissaSohma You are very welcome. What are you up to?

@NissaSohma: @BoyBanderNik Getting ready to go job hunting.

@BoyBanderNik: @NissaSohma That sounds great. I wish you the best of luck!!

@NissaSohma: @BoyBanderNik Thank you! I’ll keep you posted.

She logged off, then she picked a casual outfit that was interview ready. She glimpsed at the picture on her phone screen. And thought, well if he had replied to her tweet, it was going to be an awesome day. She got in her white 1996 Nissan Maxima. She drove around town putting in application after application. By lunchtime she was beyond starving. She decided to stop at Coffee Dreams.

“Hey Mark, what’s up?”

“Not Much! What can I get you?”

“I’ll have a Pumpkin Spice Muffin and a large French Vanilla Ice Coffee.”

“Coming right up! So what you been up to?”

“Just job hunting.”

“Why do you need a job? Don’t you have your mom’s fortune?”

He was reffering to the $32 Billion Nissa’s mom left her. Her mom was an author. She started with poems. Then she worked her way up to novels. All kinds of novels. She did novels for teenagers and adults. And children’s books. Her very first children’s book, she wrote for Nissa. She wrote it during her first year of life. So on her first birthday she published it. Included in the estate was Whipstaff Manor from Casper. Which is really cool. Nissa loved that place.

“I don’t want to touch that money. As long as I’m able to work I will.”

“I admire that. You know we need someone for the night shift. Would you be interested?”


“Good. I need you to fill out the application. Just so that we can have it in your file. And I’ll start the hiring process.”

“Thank you so much! You won’t be disappointed!” Nissa payed him for her lunch. She sat down to fill the application. She handed it to him as soon as she was done with it. He then handed her the drug test paper. She went to get all done. By the time she was done, it was 3:45pm. I decided to go to the grocery store to get a few things for dinner. I ran into Eric

Eric was the tall black haired, blue eyed quarterback from our High School football team. He was what all football jocks from the teen movies were based on. He was the one every girl would go gaga for. Nissa, not so much. She was a loner. All because she was skipped up some grades so she really didn’t fit in. So she never went with what everybody thought was right.

“Hey Nissa, I haven’t seen you since graduation.”

“Hey, yeah I spent the summer in Dallas, Texas.”

Really? Wow, what’s over there?

“Oh my aunt! Well she’s really not my aunt. She was my mom’s bestfriend and she’s like an aunt to me.”

“Oh OK. Did you have fun?”

“Yes I did! She treated me to a Backstreet Boys concert for my birthday.”

“Really? Did you enjoy it?”

“I loved it.”

“So Nissa, when we were in school, I really didn’t get to tell you something I had been holding in since the 10th grade…And well I guess now is a better time than ever. I wanted to tell you that I really like you. And I was wondering if you’d go out on a date with me?”

“Eric I’m flattered but I can’t. Right now I’m not looking for someone. I want to focus on me and my future.”

“Ouch Nissa, that hurt.” he said with a smile, “Thank you for being honest and not sugar coating it.”

“Look Eric, maybe in the near future we could go on a date, but right now I don’t think I’m ready for what a date brings afterward.”

“I totally understand.” Nissa felt so bad but it was the truth. She wanted to focus on her life just like her mother did. People thought she was crazy but she wanted to be like her mom. Smart and successful.

“So how is your mom doing? Did chemo help her this time?”

“YES thank God. Next Monday is her 3year mark in remission.”

“Oh Eric that’s great to hear! Like I’ve told you before, if you guys need anything at all, I’m only a phone call away. If it wasn’t for her and my aunt Patsy, my teenage years would have been a disaster.”

“I’m glad you think so highly of mom. Well, I have to get going. She’s waiting for her Snickers.”

Nissa laughed, “Yeah you don’t make any woman wait for their chocolate.”

“God Forbid!” he laughed. “Well see you later.”

“Bye and tell Jackie I send her all my love”

“I will”

They hugged. He left the store. She grabbed what she needed for dinner. Then headed home. Her dad wasn’t home yet. she went straight to the kitchen and began on dinner. She was making him ‘Arroz con Pollo’ (Rice with Chicken), just like her grandmother (his mom) use to make them. She missed her so much. But she bet her and her mom are up there making fun of my dad’s goofyness. Dinner was almost ready when her dad came home at 7:30.

“MMMMMMMM something smells great!!”

“Hey dad”

“Hey sweetheart, what’s cooking?”

“Not much dad, just Arroz con Pollo.”

“Great! You know how to make it like your abuela!”

“Thanks dad that means a lot.”

“How was your job hunt?”

“I got a part time at Coffee Dreams.”

“Shit with all the business you give them, THEY should be paying YOU.”

I laughed, “You’re funny dad. By the way, I ran into Eric. Norma is going on 3 years of remission.”

“Oh that’s really great. We have to invite them for dinner soon.”

“Yes we do! I’ll plan it.”

“Ok honey. Can we dig in now?”

“Yes dad!!!” She rolled her eyes at him.

“So when do you start working?”

“I don’t know yet. But I already went for the drug test. So basically, I’m hired.”

“That’s exciting. I’m curious though honey, why do you want to work? I mean you’re all set with your mama’s and my fortune.”

“Daddy becasue as long as I can work, I will. I’ll have that as my back up. I’m young and I want to be able to say that I earned what I have.”

“Honey that makes sense. Adnd I’m very proud of you for making that decision.”

“Thank you daddy.”

They finished dinner and Nissa cleaned up the kitchen. Her dad went to take a shower and go to bed. She went up to her room. She logged on to Twitter.

@NissaSohma I have a job! So if you want coffee, come see me at Coffee Dreams πŸ˜€

She stayed on it but she went to several sites to see what’s new. 15 minutes later she got a reply to her tweet.

@BoyBanderNik: @NissaSohma Congrats!!! Maybe if I’m in town I will stop by.

@NissaSohma: @BoyBanderNik Thank you! You definitely should!

Nissa went to bed with a big grin on her face. The next morning she woke up at the crack of dawn. Just like every morning. As soon as she finished her breakfast she got a phone call from Mark.

“Hello?” I answered.

“Hey Nissa, I’m in a bind. Can you come in to work today?”

“Yeah of course. What happened?”

“The girl coming in at noon called in and I already have everybody else scheduled today.”

“So you want me to come in at noon?”

“Yeah. I’ll be here so I will be training you myself.”

“Alright I’ll be there.”

“Thank you so much!”

“No thank YOU!”

She got dressed and went out to the mall. She needed to get black polo shirts and jeans. That was their uniform. Thank god they didn’t care about piercings because She had three facial piercings. She made her purchases then she headed out to Lady Foot Locker. She needed a good pair of sneakers since she’d be working in a fast paced place.

As she was headed out of the mall she got stopped by a lady in her mid 30’s.

“Hi. I’m sorry to bother you but are you by any chance Nissa Sohma?”

“Yes” She answered very puzzled.

“So you are Jazmine Sohma’s daughter?”

“Yes I am”

“Oh My Gosh, can I have your autograph?”

Still puzzled Nissa signed the lady’s Lane Bryant bag.

“I’m a huge fan of your mom’s. I was heartbroken to hear about her passing.”

“Thank you. I was so young, so I don’t remember much about that incident.”

“Consider yourself blessed because I bet if you did remember, it’d be much harder to deal with.”

“Yes you are right”

“Well thank you so much. You are too sweet!”

“Thank you.”

Still confused, Nissa got in her car and drove home to get ready for work.

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