Chance Encounter

The next morning, Nissa was supposed to fly back home. She was going to Friendship, Maine. Yes that’s where the movie Casper was based in. Where everything turned picturesque when every fall came around.

When her mom died, Nissa’s dad decided to leave Springfield, MA. Not only because it wasn’t the best city for him to raise a daughter, but also because he missed her mom. He saw her every where he went. He needed a change. In all honesty Nissa didn’t blame him. She loved it in Friendship. She wouldn’t live anywhere else.

Nissa got to DFW and checked in. As soon as she checked in she picked up her cell phone and called her best friend Sophie back in Maine.

“Good morning, sunshine” Sophie answered.

“Good morning.” I replied back.

“So how was it?”

“How was what?”

“The concert, silly!”

“It was awesome. The music was great. The after party was off the hook. And I got to touch Nick’s hand while he sang Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing!” Nissa felt like her heart was gonna burst out of her chest as she told her what happened. She was reliving it all over again!

“Did you get a picture with him?”

“No, but I got Kevin’s autograph.” Nissa could read her mind. She wanted to know why Nissa didn’t get a picture with Nick. “Just my luck I guess” I told her.

“Well at least he touched your hand” She said disappointed for me.

“Yes he did. I just wish that I was able to get a picture with him. Nevertheless, I had a good time”

“That’s what counts.” In all honesty, Nissa was bitter about the whole situation. She had him right there in front of her and she knew if she had fought to get in the front from the beginning, she could’ve gotten it. So she was beating herself up for that. She got in line to go through security. Her flight didn’t leave for another 2 hours. Since she was supposed to be at the airport 2 or more hours in advance. She put her things on the belt and they went through. She took her shoes off. Then walked through the checkpoint. She was lucky enough not to set the machine off. She picked up her stuff from the belt and got back to her conversation with Sophie.

“I’m not gonna lie I am really disapointed. I mean I flew all the way down there to see them”

“No you didn’t!” giggled Sophie.

“HaHaHa you’re right! But still I could tell him that.”

“Whatever! Anyway, I’m going to let you go. I just wanna relax and eat my breakfast. I’ll call you when I get to the house.”

“Ok Nissa, I hope you have a good flight and trip. I love you!”

“I love you too! Bye” Nissa went to the gate where her plane was leaving from. She looked around and the four adjacent gates were completely solitary. Except for some scattered people, waiting for their planes. But one of them caught her eye. He was wearing jeans and a white t-shirt under a Tampa Bay Buccaneers hoodie. He had his hood on his head. He was also wearing his Beatz headphones. He was using his iPad. Nissa had to go to the bathroom, and she had to walk by him. So she did. She got a closer look. It WAS who she thought it was. It was the one and only… NICK CARTER! But why was he at the airport? They were supposed to be headed to Houston for their show tonight. He was sitting at the gate with the flight destined to LAX. She was flipping out. She completely forgot she needed to use the bathroom. She slowly approached him. She wanted that picture with him. He took his headphones off.

“Hey” he greeted her with what she liked to call his 10,000,000 Million watt smile.

“Good morning, Nick! How are you?” Nissa asked him, trying not to sound like what she called ‘Crazies’. Crazies are the Nick fans that go crazy and will do anything, including rip his clothes off and/or grab body parts that are meant to be touched by a girlfriend.

“I’m doing good” he smiled.

“That’s really good. I went to see you last night. Awesome show!”

“Thank you! I’m really glad you enjoyed it!”

“I did. I even went to the after party.”

“Great! So did you come up onstage and danced with us?”

“No I was in the next line that was supposed to get on, when you guys had to go.”

“I thought you looked familiar”

“Yes, oh I was so heartbroken. Because the concert was my birthday present from my aunt.”

“Well…I’m so sorry. I look like crap but I’ll take a picture with you!”

“Ooooooh will you? I would love you forever and back!” She squealed. He grinned at her. He grabbed her iPhone 4 and he snapped multiple pictures. He took 6 pictures, all with different poses. He made her month. No he made her year! He took a 7th one. This one he gave her a kiss on the cheek. She was so happy!

“Happy Birthday, uh?”


“Happy Birthday, Nissa! What a pretty name!”

“It’s Japanese. My mom was Japanese.”

“Wow! You don’t look it!”

“I have my dad’s features. He’s Puerto Rican. All I have of my mom is the almond slanted blue eyes, long black hair, big breast, and tiny waist. Everything else is my dad’s.”

“Wow, well you are gorgeous.” She couldn’t believe her ears. Nick Carter said she was gorgeous! Her fangirling side wanted to make an appearance.

“Thank you!” She blushed. So much for her ‘Crazies’ not coming out. “By the way, why are you going back home? I know you guys have a show in Houston.”

“Nacho’s sick”

“Oh I’m sorry. I hope he gets better”

“Thank you. I will be back tonight before the show though”

“That’s good!” They called for her flight to board.

“Well that’s me. Thank you so much for the pictures.”

“You are very welcome, Nissa” She was so shocked to hear how sexual her name sounded coming out his mouth.


“Bye Bye!” He hugged her and she about melted in his arms. She walked to her gate. She got on. As soon as she got into her seat, she looked at the pictures that she just took with Nick. She was still in shock. He was so sweet! She fell in love with him all over again. 6 hours later they touched down in Knox County Regional Airport. Since she normally didn’t like flying, She never slept. So the whole time she was thinking about how gorgeous and sweet Nick really was. And all the things she should’ve said. Now her only hope was that he’d fall in love with her. HA! That was the fan girl in her thinking. She hailed a cab and headed home after grabbing her suitcase. When she got there, she found her dad writing some notes.

“Hey Dad”

“Hey sweetheart, welcome back!”

“Thanks dad! What you doing?”

“Taking notes for a high profile case I’m working on. God I missed you child! It’s been too quiet around here!”

“I missed you too dad!” He got up from his desk just to hug her! Her dad really loved her. He’d been the best dad a girl could ever have.

“So I’m going to meet up with Sophie at Coffee Dreams. I’ll be back early so you and I could go have dinner.”

“Sounds good honey. That new restaurant you wanted to go to just opened. I’ll make reservations.”

“OK dad, that sounds good!” she squealed. She couldn’t wait for it to open because the child in her was curious to see if they lived up it’s name of ‘Le Frogs’ and if they cooked and served frogs! Nissa texted Sophie to meet me at Coffee Dreams. They arrived at the same time.

“Hey” Nissa ran and hugged her.

“Hi! It’s about time you came home. My summer sucked nasty balls!”

“Well now I’m back. Everything is better now… OH guess what!!!!!!”


“Remember that picture I didn’t get with Nick?”


“Well I got 7 of them!!!”

“No Shit!!!?”

“No SHIT! he was at the airport going to LAX! And we took these!” She showed Sophie the pictures. She couldn’t believe that Nissa did get them.

“He was really awesome. I just wish that he fell in love with me!”

“Nissa he’s a celebrity. I highly doubt that he did.”

“Soph, way to burst my bubble. And it’d be like a commoner marrying a prince/princess. Oh I’d love that.”

“Nissa get your head out of the clouds”

“I know, I know. So what you do all summer?”

“Well, I went on several dates with Joel. He’s really sweet.”

“So are you guys going to pursue something more?”

“We might. I really like him!”

“Oh Sophie, I’m so happy for you! I wish you the best.” They sat down to drink their hot chocolates. The crisp fall air was upon them. The leaves had just begun to change. This was Nissa’s favorite time of year. She loved the cool air that made them put on sweaters and hoodies. Have bonfires in the woods. Your typical fall stereotypes. At that moment Joel came in and sat with them. Joel was the nerdy friend every group had. Except that he was more techy.

“Hey girls” he greeted them.

“Hey. I heard about your dates. I’m too excited!”

“Thank you” he said smiling at Sophie.

“Aww look at you two. It’s disgusting.”

“Shut up”

“Well I gotta go, dad and me are going to ‘Le Frogs’ for dinner. And of course I’m beyond excited.”

“Of course you are” said Sophie rolling her eyes at her.

“I’ll call you tomorrow”

“OK have fun”

“I will” Nissa got up and walked home.

“Hey dad, are you ready?”


“Oh I’m so excited! I can’t wait to find out if they actually cook and serve frogs!”

“You my dear, are so silly.”

“I know” They get in the car and they drove to ‘Le Frogs’. She couldn’t contain her excitement. They finally arrived.

“Hello, welcome to ‘Le Frogs'”

“Hi, I made a reservation for Hernandez”

“Yes Mr. Hernandez, your table is ready.”

“Thank you” They were lead to their table. Nissa noticed that the restaurant was designed like a romantic pond. Something like the pond where Odette would change into a swan in the movie ‘The Swan Princess’. The tables were designed like lilly pads. The center pieces were pink flowers like the ones on the lilly pads. She looked at the menu and there were dancing frogs all over it. And of course she did check and no they did not cook and serve anything with frogs in it. Nissa was relieved.

“Nope, dad they do not serve frogs.”

He smiled at me, “You are so goofy”

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