I Promise You

Nick pushed Nissa against the hall wall. He couldn’t keep his lips off of her. He wanted to devour her. He worked his hand down her thigh and lifted her leg level to his thigh. Nissa kissed him just as passionately. He set her down and they walked hand in hand to their suite. But as soon as they got to the door, Nissa pushed him against it. She put her hand up his shirt, feeling his chest. She pushed herself up on her toes and kissed along his jawline, and neck. Nick’s hands were on her hips. He gave them a squeeze ever so often in approval of her little moves. And when he didn’t expect it, Nissa stuck her hand in his pocket. He let out a loud moan as he leaned his head back against the door.

“Easy, Carter. I’m just getting the key card out of your pocket.” He was surprisingly disappointed. Nissa opened the door. He picked her up as she giggled. “Baby, you’re supposed to wait till our wedding night to walk me through the threshold.”

“I know but I want you so bad at the moment that I have to prevent you from making up any excuse to get out of it.” Nissa smiled and stole a kiss as he threw her on the bed. He took his shirt off as he kissed her.

“Is this your way of celebrating our engagement?” She asked between kisses.

“Yes!” Nick pinned her hands on the bed and kissed her lips. Then he made his way to her neck. Her body wanted him to touch her. Her legs wrapped around him like if they had a mind of their own. She tightened them to keep him in place. Him being hard felt good to her. She retaliated by thrusting her pelvis against his, making him feel so good that his grip on her hands loosened up. She took advantage of that, getting out of his grip and grabbing his face. She kissed him while running her fingers through his hair. He bit her neck taking her by surprise. She let out a tiny scream, startling Nacho. He started barking. “Nacho, shut up!” Nick yelled at him. “Daddy’s not hurting her. Go lay down.” Nissa started laughing hysterically. “Oh come on baby girl.” She couldn’t stop laughing. She laughed so hard that she let out a snort, making Nick laugh.

“I can’t believe he thought you were hurting me.” She laughed some more. Nick got off of her.

“Yeah I guess it was funny.” Nick laid next to her. He turned to Nacho. “Way to ruin the moment, pug.” Nacho snorted and laid back down in his bed. Nissa laughed herself to sleep. Nick looked at her and smiled. He got up and tucked her in. He laid back down next to her. He kissed her forehead. “I love you so much, Gummy Bear.” It didn’t take him long to fall asleep.

The following morning, Nissa woke up before he did. She knew that he was so tired. So she let him sleep and headed out to her parents’ graves. It was mid-morning. And there was an early fall breeze. Nissa loved the fall season. To her fall meant Halloween, fires, hoodies and cozy walks in the parks while the color-changing leaves fell out of the trees. Nissa stopped at a local flower shop on Main Street, Langone’s. She picked up 2 custom made bouquets. One for each parent in their favorite colors and flowers. Then she made her way to the cemetery. Once she got there, she walked over to their graves enjoying the beautiful weather that she was accustomed to at this time of year. “Hey mom and dad. It’s been a while. Well, actually Nick and I felt you guys last night at the tree. Thank you for sharing that moment with us. I’m the happiest and luckiest girl in this whole world. I mean who knew that I’d be getting married, let alone to my favorite singer. What were the chances on that happening? I bet you had something to do with it, Mom. Dad, aren’t you glad that he honored your wishes. I had completely forgotten that he had mom’s rings. But he gave it to me. And not only that, he gave me ‘The Heart of The Ocean’. The fact that he went through all the trouble in finding it and paying god knows how much for it means that he must love me. I can also tell by the way he kisses me. The way that he looks at me. The way that he holds me. I’ve never felt so safe. He goes out of his way to take care of me. I just hope that I will be able to take care of him too. I will try my best to love him and take care of him.” She cleaned up their stones and around the grave area. She then removed the wilted roses she had left there last time and put the new flowers in. She then sat down between them. “I wish you guys were here to tell me what to do. I was so little when you left me mom that I never got to see what a marriage looks like. All I have is everything you told me, dad. Other than that, I’m probably gonna have to wing it. I’ll be OK. Now I have to worry about planning a wedding from Maine. Traveling back and forth to California. I’m gonna be so exhausted that I might pass out at the altar…Nah. I’ll be OK. I’m a Sohma and I’m a Hernandez. I got this. I promise that I won’t sell the house. I can’t part with it. That’s pretty much my childhood home. Too many memories there.” She sat there for another 2 hours, just chatting with her parents. She was interrupted by her phone.

“Hey baby.”

“Good morning, baby girl. What are you up to?”

“Nothing, I’m just here with my parents. You?”

“I just got back from walking Nacho. Are you coming back soon?”

“Yes baby. I’ll be there in 15 minutes.”

“You don’t have to rush. I was just wondering.”

“It’s ok. I’ve been here long.”

“Alright then. I’ll see you soon.” Nissa turned around and noticed a man hiding behind a tree and he had a camera. She decided to sneak behind him and scaring him.

“Were you taking my picture?”

“Yes.” He said very pleased with himself.

“Well um…do you have a name?”

“Yes it’s Carl.”

“Ok Carl, I’m a very reasonable person. I don’t mind you taking my picture, but when you do it while I’m having a private moment with my parents we have issues…” Nissa took his camera out of his hand and opened the memory card slot. She removed it and snapped the little card into pieces. “Now if you will excuse me, I have somewhere to be.” He was baffled. He couldn’t believe that meek Nissa Sohma had balls to do such a thing.

Nissa got back in the car and made her way back to the hotel. When she arrived she was greeted by Nacho. Apparently Nick had gone to the gym. So she decided to call Sophie.

“Hey girl first off, congrats on your engagement. It’s all over the news.”

“Thank you.”

“So have you set a date?”

“No we haven’t talked about it yet. I do want to ask you to be my Maid of Honor.”

“Of course. I’m honored to be your Maid of Honor.”

“I’m so glad you agreed to it.”

“I wouldn’t miss this moment for the world.” Nissa heard the beep from the key card. Nick walked in. He was sweaty from his workout. His hair slicked back. She looked up at him as he walked in and Nacho ran to him. “How is Nick feeling about all this?”

“He’s so happy.”

“Is that Sophie?” He asked.


“Tell her I said hi.”

“Hey Nick.” She had heard him.

“She says hi back. Well girl I will let you go. As soon as we have a talk about the date, I will give you a call.”

“OK. I’ll be waiting. I can’t wait! I’m too excited.”

“Me too.” They hang up. Then she turns to Nick, who was sitting on the edge of the bed playing tug ‘o’ war with Nacho. “Had a good work out?”

“Yes. I feel so energized right now.”

“I’m glad. So I asked Sophie to be my Maid of Honor.”

“I knew you would. What did she say?”

“She said YES!”


“Who are you gonna ask to be your best man?”

“Jake, of course.”

“OK. Sounds good. I have so many ideas running through my head, I feel my head spinning so bad.”

“Baby girl, there’s so many things we need to sit and talk about, and then we can get everything in motion.”

“I know baby.”

“Let me take a shower and then we can head back to Maine. We will talk on the way there.”

“OK baby sounds like a plan.” Nick got in the shower. Nissa got her iPad out and started looking at wedding dresses. She found several different designs that she liked. But she realized that Nick was right, they needed to decided several things before they could make other decisions. She got off the iPad and gathered all their things. That way all they had to do was eat lunch and head out. She was just getting done when Nick came out wearing nothing but his jeans. “Damn baby. You are making me want to be bad.” Nick smirked.

“Well you owe me. Miss I laughed myself to sleep.” She kissed him. She then pulled a shirt from his bag and threw it at him.

“Here. Because you are not walking out like this.”

“And why not?”

“That’s for me to see only.” Nick smiled.

“OK then.” He put on his shirt. Then they gathered everything and checked out. They headed out to Red Rose for lunch. Once they got there, they were seated. They ordered a pizza. “So baby girl, about the wedding planning. You have all reigns on it. I want you to have the day of your dreams. No matter how much it costs.”

“Baby, I will be putting money in too. And it’s our day. I will always run things through with you. I won’t make any decisions until I get your opinion.”

“If that is what you would like to do, then I’m on board with that plan. First thing’s first, our wedding date. I’m thinking a year or so from now. What are you thinking about a date?”

“Well I’ve always wanted a fall wedding. And we both love Halloween, so definitely October.”

“What a great idea. I know though that Halloween falls on a Tuesday, so that would not be good for our guest.”

“Well I’ve always thought that the number 21 was lucky. How about October 21 of next year?”

“Yeah, I like that. That falls on a Saturday.”

“I wanted to ask you. I know this is really weird and crazy.”

“Baby, ask away.”

“Do you think that we could have the ceremony at my parents’ grave at sunset?”

“I don’t think that’s crazy. I think it would be perfect. Celebrating with your parents and it’d be great for pictures. With the leaves falling and the sun setting. You name it. I think it would be great. We’d have to call to see if they would be cool with us doing that.” The pizza was brought out. They were eating peacefully when they were photographed. The person then posted the photo all over the internet, captioning it ‘Nick Carter and Nissa Sohma in blissful state post engagement proposal.’ At that moment nothing mattered to Nick and Nissa. It was like they were the only ones in the room in the world. Nick was so in love with this girl. He didn’t know what he did to deserve her. Nissa couldn’t believe that she was engaged to the man that she idolized since she was little. The one she never thought she’d ever meet. And what made it even better was that it felt like it was meant to be. It felt real.

They finished their lunch and got in the car. They made their way to Maine. Once they got really going on the road they continued their wedding planning conversation.

“Are you gonna get a wedding planner?”

“No. Sophie and I have dreamed about planning each other’s weddings.”

“As long as you don’t get stressed out. The moment I see that you are becoming a bridezilla, I will hire someone.”

“I will be OK. Are you excited?”

“Are you kidding baby? I’m getting married to my best friend. What more could I ask for?” He grabbed her hand and kissed it. “You know? I’m surprised we haven’t received any phone calls.”

“I know.” As soon as Nissa validated his thought, Nick’s phone rang. Nissa smiled and rolled her eyes.

“Hey T-Man.”

“Hey Nick. What is this I hear that you are engaged?” Nick looked at Nissa proudly.

“Yes. I proposed to her last night.”

“Well I’m very happy for both of you. Have you set a date?”

“Yes we have. October 21st of next year.”

“Great! I will put that in the calendar. That way nothing gets scheduled on the same day.”


“Well I just called to congratulate you guys. I will let you go. By the way, when you get back I need to meet with you because I got some calls for some projects for you.”

“OK. I’ll call you when I get back to LA.”

“Great. I’ll be waiting for your call.”

“I guess I should call my crew.” Nissa informed him as he hung up with Travis. She dialed Norma’s number.

“Nissa!!!!!” Norma happily squealed. “Patsy it’s Nissa.” She shouted at Patsy. Nissa laughed. She put them on speaker phone so Nick could hear them too.

“How are you guys?”

“We are doing great! We miss you.”

“I miss you guys too.

“Hey Nissa.” She heard Patsy say.

“Hey Patsy. So I’m calling because I have extremely good news.”

“Really? You finished the book and sold millions already?”


“You’re pregnant?”

“No! Are you crazy?”

“OK. We give up.”

“Here goes. Nick and I are getting married.”

“Whaaat???!!! Are you for real?”

“Yes, she is for real.” Nick chimed in.

“Oh you guys. That is great!!!!!”

“Did you give her the ring?”

“Yes I did.”

“And he gave me an exact replica of ‘The Heart of The Ocean’ from Titanic…”

“Wow! You guys. We couldn’t be happier for you. Have you chosen a date?”

“October 21st of next year.”

“Good. I won’t plan anything for that day.”

“Awesome. Well I will let you guys go. I will keep you posted with everything.”

“OK sweet girl. We love you guys.”

“We love you too.” Nissa ended the call. They had several hours to go. Nick once again grabbed her hand and kissed it. Still holding it he laid them down on the console between the seats. Nissa snapped a picture and posted it on Instagram. “I will hold your hand forever.” The moment it was posted, she had 2 to 3 hundred likes. She couldn’t be happier that his fans liked her. Although she knew that there would be many anti Nissa fans, she didn’t care anymore. She loved him to pieces and nothing would change that.

“OK so how many from your family are you inviting?”

“The boys and their families. Both my parents are dead so unless they can come out on the 21st instead of the 31st for a zombie party then they aren’t coming.”

“Nick you’re such a smartass.” He laughed.

“It’s the truth.”

“I know. How about your brother and sisters?”

“I will invite them. Whether they come or not is up to them.”

“I think this is gonna be an intimate affair with a small guest list. And I would prefer that than a star studded event.”

“That’s what I would prefer too.”

“Good. I have to call Eric that way he can make plans in advance to come home.”

“I have to talk to the boys. I think I’m gonna have a get together when I go back home.”

“That’s a good idea. Would you need me there?”

“No baby girl. I’m just gonna have a guy’s night.”


“Baby. What are you planning to do with the house?” Nick asked, breaking the silence.

“Live in it until we get married. Why do you ask?”

“Because I want you to move in with me right now.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes baby girl. I want you to be with me all the time.”

“I’d like that too!”

“So are you gonna sell it?”

“No. I’ll rent it out. That’s the house I grew up in. I also want to turn Whippstaff Manor into a Bed and Breakfast. Only open it during the fall since that’s when Maine gets all the tourists.”

“Oh that would be such an awesome thing to do with it. You are gonna have so much going on this year. Are you sure you don’t want to hire a wedding planner?”

“Just to please you, I will consider it.” Nissa leaned in for a kiss. “I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“Me either, Gummy Bear.” Nissa decided that she needed to put her B and B plan in motion immediately. So she called Jolene, her Estate lawyer. Jolene had been taking care of all Jazmine’s estate matters. And when Nissa inherited everything that belonged to Jazmine, she also inherited Jolene.

“Hi, you have reached Jolene Martin. I can’t come to the phone at the moment. Please leave your name and number I can reach you and I will get back to you as soon as possible.”

“Hey Jolene, this is Nissa calling. I just had an idea that I wanted to run by you. Please call me back. My number is the same. Thank you.” The longer into Maine they drove, the colorful it was. Fall had just begun and all the leaves were an orange-yellow-brown palette. Nissa’s favorite. She fell into deep thought. She was thinking about how much she was gonna miss the sweater weather. Bonfires with her friends. Friends that had moved on to better things outside of Friendship. She couldn’t understand why she was feeling the way she was. Nick noticed that Nissa was distant at that moment.

“What’s wrong baby girl?”

“I’m gonna miss this.” She looked out the window.

“Baby, you will be coming back. You have to see the B and B open every fall. And besides that you can come anytime you want.” Nick reassured her.

“You’re right. Everything will be great.” They pulled in her driveway. Nissa opened her door forgetting that Nacho was loose in the backseat. He jumped out. Nick got out of the car as fast as he could.

“Nacho, damn it! Stop right there! Don’t move a muscle!” Nick ran around the front of the car where Nacho had come to a stop. “Don’t do that again. You’re gonna give daddy a heart attack.”

“I’m sorry. I forgot to wait.”

“It’s OK baby. He knew better.” Nick shot a nasty look at Nacho. Nacho whimpered. “Don’t look at me like that. I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.” Nissa had never seen that side of Nick before. She knew he had a soft spot for Nacho, but she didn’t know exactly how he felt about him. She opened the door and Nacho darted inside, sniffing everything. He was greeted by a little hairless cat. The moment he saw her, he ran back to Nick and looked at Nissa like ‘What the fuck is that?’ Nick couldn’t stop laughing at Nacho’s reaction.

“Hey Nicky Marie.” Nissa picked her up as she purred her little heart out. Nicky Marie was so happy to see Nissa.

“You didn’t tell me you had a cat.”

“I forgot to tell you. I got her when I got back from dad’s funeral. I found the house to be so silent. I needed a little noise.”

“Who has been taking care of her?” Nick asked as he took Nicky Marie into his arms.

“Little Tammy Wilson, across the street would come every night to feed her and clean her litter box.”

“And she did this willingly?” Nissa smiled, knowing where Nick was going with that.

“I was paying her. Which, I have to run over there real quick.” Nissa ran across the street. She knocked on the door.

“Nissa! How are you?”

“I’m good, Mrs. Wilson. I just wanted to let you know that I’m home. Thank you so much for taking care of Nicky Marie.”

“Oh it wasn’t any trouble. I rather make sure that she was alright and make sure everything was tip top shape at your place.”

“Thank you so much. Is Tammy in school?”

“Yes. As a matter of fact school started today.”

“Oh that’s great!”

“I’ll be sure to let her know you are home.”

“Please do.”

“OK Nissa.”

“See you later.” Nissa hugged Mrs. Wilson.

“Bye darling.” Nissa made it back to her house. She found Nick sitting on the couch with Nicky Marie curled up in his lap and Nacho by his side. He was watching the local news. They were reporting that Nissa had come back home with Nick. They were also making fun of Nick for running around with Nacho.

“Sheeesh, I don’t get a break. They know my every move.”

“Baby girl. This is nothing. The more you become famous, the more they will know. They will know when you eat, where you sleep, how many times you take a shit, you name it they will know. Fans are on top of things. I’m pretty sure you were like that.”

“Wrong, Carter! All I knew is that you were human and that you too deserved some privacy.”

“I’m glad you think that way.” She leaned over and kissed his left temple. Her phone rang just as she was about to walk into the kitchen.


“Hey Nissa. It’s Jolene. I was just returning your phone call.”

“Hi. I’m so glad you did.”

“So when a great Sohma has an idea, it’s always epic. What do you have in mind?”

“Well, you know how Whipstaff Manor is part of my estate?”


“I was thinking, how about if we turn it into a bed and breakfast?”

“I like that idea. We’d have to get all the necessary permits and upgrade it.”

“Can you take care of all that for me? Hire the necessary people to get it down. I want to open up next fall.”

“I think it can be down.”

“Great! Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome. I’ll get on it as soon as possible and I’ll call you for the final OK’s.”

“Great. I’m so excited about this.” They hang up and Nissa goes into the living room where Nick was still sitting with Nicky Marie and Nacho. “Guess what babe?”

“What my love?” He looked away from the TV at her.”

“That was Jolene. She thinks it’s a great idea and she’s gonna get the project going as soon as possible.”

“Excellent. Let me know in anything I can help with.”

“I will baby.” She kissed him on his head and made her way upstairs to unpack her things. Nick’s phone rang. He didn’t recognize the number so he answered to see who it was.


“Hey Nick. How are you?”

“Mandy?! How’d you get my number?”

“I still got connections.”

“Of course you do.” He quietly yelled into his phone. “What’s wrong? Why did you call?”

“Seeing you the other night brought back so many memories. It made me think of how good we had it.”

“Yeah but you screwed it all up. I would’ve given you everything you asked for. I would’ve loved you. But you decided to use me for a record deal and fucked my best friend.”

“Nick, I know I messed up. But I’ve changed since then.”

“I’m pretty sure you have. I can’t get with you. I have Nissa. I love her. We are about to get married. You and I can only be friends. You need me, you can call. But that is it for us.”

“I understand.”

“I have to go.” Nick hung up as fast as he could. He heard Nissa coming.

“Are you ok?”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Just wondering. I thought I heard you talking to someone.”

“Yeah. Nacho, he was growling at Nicky Marie.”

“Oh Ok. So are you going back tonight or are you staying with me a little longer?”

“I’ll let you make that decision.”

“Wouldn’t Travis get mad if I ask you to stay?”

“Baby, all my life I was jumping from project to project. Sometimes working on several ones at the same time. For once, I feel like I can relax. Take a break here and there. Because one thing is for sure. The more the fans wait, the more antsy and excited they get about my projects.” Nissa laughed. She knew he was right about the fans getting anxious for his projects and all.

“OK baby. Then please can you stay another day?”

“Of course I will. But I do have to go back tomorrow because I have to meet with Travis and I also have to get together with the boys. So I can officially tell them about our engagement. Oh and we can’t forget about Starry and Knight. They are supposed to be delivered the day after tomorrow.”

“How could I forget about my new babies.”

“I know. You should come with me and stay there.”

“You know I would without hesitation. But I have so many things to get done. With renting out the house, getting the B and B ready for next fall, and the wedding. I don’t know how I’m gonna do it all. Luckily, I have so much help.”

“Remember if you get overwhelmed, we can hire as many people as you need.”

“Thank you. And as soon as I rent out the house, I can move in with you. Everything else can be done over the phone or I can just fly out.”

“Good.” He got up slowly to not disturb Nacho and Nicky Marie. He walked to her. He cupped her face and kissed her. Her nails gently grazed the back of his neck making Nick moan softly. She smirked and whispered in his ear,

“I wanna do something naughty with you.” He stared at her and grinned.

“Oh yeah? What did you have in mind?” She seductively bit her bottom lip as she uttered,

“You’ll see.” Nissa slowly pulled away from him, and gently pulled his t-shirt off. She kissed his lips once more. She parted from his lips and kissed his chin. Making her way to his neck. Every time she would rest her tender lips on his neck he would lean into them. He would moan softly and dig his fingers into her hips in approval. She could feel him hard against her pelvis. She ran her hands slowly up and down his chest, kissing her way down. She slowly dropped to her knees while running her hands down his legs. Without breaking eye contact with him, teasing him with a devious smirk. She unzipped his jeans, causing him to let out a loud sigh as it was obvious what her intentions were. He sprung loose like a Jack in The Box. Her hands gripped his rigid cock and slowly moved up and down his length. Causing small moans to escape him. She smirked as she let her tongue slowly circle the tip. She could taste the clear liquid that oozed out. Her mouth engulfed him, taking the full head in. He let out a loud groan as he felt her hand move up and down on him and warm mouth taking him in inch by inch. It felt amazing to him. He had been with many girls but none were this good to his penis. The more she teased his head with her tongue, the more he wanted to blow his load in her mouth. He felt her tighten her grip at the base of his dick. She continued sucking on his head, occasionally inserting him whole. She could feel him having spasms. He leaned on the back of her couch before he fell over. He then gently tugged on her hair.

“Baby.” He said out of breath. “Baby” He moaned then he let out a sigh. “I’m about to blow.” Nissa knew she had to loosen her grip. She kept sliding her lips up and down on him and the moment she let her grip go he let out a loud grunt and he blew in her mouth. She kept rubbing her hand oh him until he was completely done. Nick put his hand on her shoulder to let her know that he was done. Nissa looked up at him and smirked as she swallowed his cum. He then pulled her up and kissed her. “Mmmm baby girl. That was very nice.”

“I’m glad you liked that.” Still in the moment, Nick grabbed her by her hair and pulled her in for a kiss. “Baby you’ve never been that rough with me.”

“I know. I just can’t get enough of you.” She kissed him. He embraced her in his arms and she rested her head on his chest. She inhaled his scent. He smelled of David Off Cool Water and clean rented car.

“You make me feel so safe. I’m so glad that you danced and sang your way into my heart.” Nick grinned. Then he yelled in pain. Nissa immediately jumped out of his arms. Nicky Marie the hairless cat clawed her way up his bare back, laid on his shoulder and cuddled to him. “What is it with these animals? They won’t let us show our love.” Nick laughed.

“I don’t know baby girl.” He grabbed Nicky Marie off his shoulder and rubbed his nose against hers. Nissa walked into the kitchen. Nick placed NickyMarie on the floor next to Nacho. He pulled up his jeans and zipped them up. Nissa picked up a notepad and opened the fridge door. She stood in it making a short grocery list. Nick crept up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. He softly kissed her neck. She moaned as she tilted her head the opposite way.

“MMMmm baby you are a tease.”

“I know.” He said very proudly. “So are we going grocery shopping?”

“Yes. I need to get some things for dinner.”

“Oh baby you don’t have to cook. I’m not hungry for food.”

“Oh Yeah? What are you hungry for then?”


“How did I know you would say that?”

“You know me so well baby.”

“You’re gonna eat food tonight.” Nissa put her notepad on the table. “Are you going with me?”

“Yes. Let me put on a shirt.” He got dressed and they made their way to the store. Nissa drove. The store wasn’t too far from Nissa’s. In fact it was so close they could’ve walked to it. But Nissa wanting to keep Nick’s visit on the down low preferred to drive. She parked the car. Nick got out and went around to her side to open the door for her. He reached for her hand and pulled her out. She locked the car and they walked in holding hands. Nick grabbed a shopping basket as they walked in. Sam the cashier was the first to see them.

“Hey Nissa. How are you?”

“Hey Sam, It’s been forever. I’m doing great. How about you?”

“I’m well. I just got my license.”

“You did it. I’m so proud of you. So what are your plans now?”

“I get to go get another job and get the hell out of here.”

“Oh God. I hope you do. This place is not what it used to be. Dream big.”

“See from you, I’ll take that advice. Congrats on your engagement.”

“Thank you. I’m extremely happy at the moment.”

“I bet you are. I would be too.” She hadn’t noticed that Nick had walked away for a moment until he rested his hand on her waist.

“Hey baby, I want you to meet my friend Sam. I use to babysit her when she was a baby.” Nick extended his hand to her.

“Nice to meet you, Sam.”

“Likewise Nick. I want to tell you that you hit the jackpot with this rare gem.” Nissa grinned as Sam hugged her.

“You are right. I wouldn’t ask for anyone better.”

“Well Sam, better go before we get recognized.”

“No problem. It was cool to see you again.”

“Yeah. I’m glad I got to see you too. Say hello to your parents.”

“I will.” Nick and Nissa made their way into the grocery area of the store.

“So. What would you like to eat?”

“You already know.”

“Besides me, Carter.”

“How about some fish and chips?”

“Baby, I don’t know how to make the batter like everyone else.”

“Don’t worry. How about we just get it from the deli?”

“Are you sure?” Nick pulled her to him by her hips. “I want to always cook for you.”

“I know my love. There will be times that you won’t be able to.”

“I know but…”

“It’s alright.”

“Ok. As you wish.” He went and ordered their dinner.

“He said it’ll be about 15 minutes.”

“OK. You know what? I want some wine. I wonder what goes well with Fish and Chips.” She pulled her phone out and researched a little. “It says here that Fish and Chips go well with Sparkling Wine, Sauvignon Blanc, Dry whites like Chablis or Chenin Blanc. Dry Perry or Cider. Pale ale or black tea. What do you think we should get?”

“How about the Sauvignon Blanc?”

“That sounds perfect.” They strolled to the wine and beer aisle and chose the perfect Sauv Blanc they could find. She picked up some champagne. She then decided to grab some things for breakfast. By the time they were done, their order was done. They went to get it and headed out to the check outs. Nissa looked for Sam, but Sam had gone home. While Nissa was paying Nick’s phone rang. He looked at it and quickly put it on silent as Nissa looked up at him. He was wondering why Mandy was calling him at that moment, and hoping that Nissa didn’t see who it was or ask about it. “Wrong number.” He told her as he put it back in his pocket. Nissa noticed that Nick was acting strange.

“Are you OK?” She finally asked him as they got in the car. Nick looked at her with deer in the headlights eyes.

“Yes, I’m fine.” He calmed down.

“OK.” He would’ve been in so much trouble if Nissa found out it was Mandy calling. He knew that Mandy shouldn’t be in need of him. But just to make sure he texted her.

“Hey are you alright?”


“What’s wrong?”

“Call me please.”

“I can’t. I’m with Nissa. Tell me what’s wrong.”

“I found some old pictures of us and Nick, I want you back. Please give me another chance.”

“Oh Yeah? How would that work?”

“Look Nick, at this point I don’t care if I have to share you with her and get her leftovers. I just want to be able to feel you touch my skin again.”


“I want to have your kisses again.”

“Mandy, I can’t do that. I love Nissa. You had your chance and I will remind you again that you fucked up.”

“I know. But I want to make it up to you.”

Nick didn’t reply. Nissa pulled into her driveway. They got in and Nick sat the bags on the table. Nissa took out plates and wine glasses and she set the table. She served dinner and they sat down. There was an agonizing silence between them. They hated saying goodbye. Even though they knew that it was only for a little while, it was excruciating for both. Trying to better the mood, Nick broke the silence.

“So are you excited about the B and B?

“Yes I am. It’s a fun way to let fans of the movie, fall season, and paranormal to stay and enjoy the house. Otherwise, the house is going to fall apart.”

“You’re right.”

“As soon as Jolene gets the go, I will make the announcement.” Nick looked at her in amazement. He loved how alive she looked when she talked about her projects. “Baby, are you OK?” She asked him as she dipped her fish in tartar sauce.

“Yes I am.” He snapped out of it. He rubbed the back of his hand on her cheek. Nissa grabbed it and kissed his palm of the hand.

“Baby boy, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, Gummy Bear. I’m fine.” He seemed distant. She knew him well enough to know something is wrong.

“Baby, you can’t fool me. I know you too well.” He looked at her, pulling her hand and kissing it.

“You caught me. I’m leaving again tomorrow and you know how much I hate leaving you.”

“You know I’ll be there before you know it.”

“I know but I’m gonna miss you in the meantime.” They finished up dinner in another round of bitter silence. Nick stared at her as in to take her all in. So he could have that image to get him through till she comes to him. Nissa was just glad that he didn’t turn into the prick he was that last week of the tour she spent with him. He got up first and picked up their plates and washed dishes. Nissa stayed at the table and sipped on her wine.

“Oh before I forget. I will need a list of the guest you want at the wedding.”

“I’ll take care of it.” Nick finished up with the dishes. They made their way to the bedroom with bottle of wine and glasses in hand. They watched movies till he fell asleep. Nissa rested her head on his chest as he held her close. Nick was fast asleep as Nissa laid there wide awake. She had so many things to do, so many thoughts and ideas keeping her mind going. The only thing keeping her sane at the moment was Nick’s touch. She knew that the coming year was gonna be extremely stressful, but the goal was gonna make that journey so worth it. Nick noticed that she had sat up against the headboard when he moved. “Baby, what’s wrong?”

“I just can’t sleep. Too much going on in my noggin.” She leaned over and kissed his forehead.

“Anything I can help with?” He asked her as he sat up.

“No. Not really.”

“Are you sure?”



“You should get some rest. You have a long day tomorrow.”

“OK baby.” He said kissing her lips and laying back down. Nissa continued to toss and turn so she decided to get out of bed and go downstairs. Not before grabbing her laptop. Nacho followed her and Nicky Marie stayed cuddled up with Nick in bed. Nissa tip toed out of the bedroom and retreated to the kitchen and sat her laptop on the island counter. She grabbed a bottle of Bourbon from her father’s stash and sat down on a high bar stool. She fired her laptop up and began searching for her wedding. She poured her a glass of the Bourbon raised up to toast to her dad and drank it in one gulp. She wrote down several different numbers to call after she dropped Nick at the airport, including the wedding dress designer she wanted to consult. Once she got those, she opened up a blank Word document and she began that book about being Jazmine Sohma’s daughter and growing up without her she’s been wanting to put together. She got 8 pages done before she couldn’t keep her eyes open. She dropped her head on her arms on the counter. By the time she finally fell asleep, the sun was coming up. Nick woke up and found that she wasn’t there. All he found was a loyal cat right next to his pillow. He made his way downstairs to check up on Nissa. He found her about to fall off the barstool with the Bourbon bottle almost empty. He kissed her to wake her up and she immediately woke up.

“Good morning baby girl. Why didn’t you go back to bed?”

“I wasn’t expecting to fall asleep. I’m sorry.” He smiled at her.

“You don’t have to be sorry. Did you drink this whole bottle?”

“Yes. I guess I did.” Nissa felt a lump in her throat. She was fighting back tears. Her eyes watered and Nick automatically hugged her tight.

“Baby, what’s wrong?” He said softly.

“I don’t know.” She burst into tears. “I guess, my period is near.”

“Aww baby. Don’t cry. I got you.” Nick held her until she was able to calm down. “I love you so much. Don’t forget that.”

“I love you more.”

“I love you most.” She kissed him. She then looked at the clock.

“Oh my god! We are running late. You’re gonna miss your flight. Go get ready and I will make you some brunch.”

“OK baby.” He kissed her again and headed upstairs to gather his things and take a quick shower. Nissa got busy in the kitchen. Her phone rang as soon as she put the skillet on the stove.


“Nissa? It’s Jolene.”

“Hey Jolene. How are you?”

“So excited. I’ve been on the phone all morning. I have managed to get all the information I need to start the process of applying for all the necessary permits for the B and B.”

“Oh that’s great. How long will it take?”

“Sometime from 4 to 6 weeks. We will have the food permits, the renovating permits, the business permits. I also went ahead and hired the crew that will take care of the renovations. I’m extremely excited.”

“Oh Jolene, thank you so much. I can’t wait to make the announcement. Of course I will wait till it’s more official.”

“Yes that’s a great idea. Just in case the city decides to deny any permit, etc.”

“Right.” Nissa cracked 3 eggs and whipped them as she continued to speak to Jolene.

“I will need you to come to my office in the next couple of days so that I can get your signature for the permit requests.”

“OK. I’ll be there.”

“Great. See you then.” Nissa hung up and set her phone on the counter next to her laptop. Nick came downstairs with his and Nacho’s bags. He sat them by the door. Then he walked into the kitchen. Kissed Nissa and sat on the barstool.

“So Jolene called.”

“What she say?”

“She told me that she got all the information that she needed to start the process. She needs me to go in to sign the permit requests. And we will go from there.”

“That’s too exciting. I can’t wait to see this come to life.”

“Me either.” Nissa put a plate of scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, and hash browns in front of him. She then went into the fridge to get the orange juice out. She didn’t find it where she had put it. Turned out that Nick put it on the bottom shelf. All the way in the back. She bent over to reach for it.

“Gonna be that way long?” He asked with a smirk.

“Very funny. I guess you are becoming a perv with age. Would you like a mimosa?”

“Look at you. All fancy. Are you trying to get me drunk?”

“Maybe.” Nissa prepared him one and then she made herself one. She sat next to him.

“This is delicious.”

“Thank you. I’m glad you like it.”

“So I was thinking…”

“Uh Hmmm” He took a bite of the bacon.

“Since we are doing a Halloween theme, would you oppose to wearing a mask?”

“Wow, I didn’t think I was that ugly.”

“Baby, that’s not it. I was thinking that you could wear a Phantom of the Opera mask. Just for some of the pictures. I also want some without you wearing it. That way I have proof that I married you.”

“Haha. Very funny.”

“Wait a minute. You can be funny but I can’t”

“You have every right to give me a dose of my own medicine.” He leaned over to her and kissed her. “Of course I’ll wear the mask. I think it will look awesome.”

“Yaay. Of course we have to get it molded so it will fit perfect.”

“Of course.” They finished breakfast. Nissa went and got dressed. She cross checked with Nick to make sure he had everything he needed. Then they headed out to the airport.

“Baby, we will be together before you know it.” Nissa told Nick, breaking the silence.

“I know. It’s just I’m not myself when you are not there.”

“And I will be as soon as I rent the house.” This time Nissa reached over for his hand and kissed it. Shortly after, they made it to the airport. She parked in front of the departure area. Nick grabbed Nacho before he could run off again and got out of the car first. Nissa followed. Nick put their bags over his shoulder and held Nissa’s hand. With his other hand he tugged Nacho’s leash. They walked in and Nick checked in at the counter. Once he took care of that they walked to the Security Check Point. Nissa hugged him tight. He loved that so much. “I love you Nick, with all my heart.”

“I love you too Gummy Bear. I’ll call you as soon as I get to LA.”

“OK.” He kissed her and hugged her one more time. Savoring it. He knew that was the last hug for a while. He kissed her forehead.

“See you later baby girl.” He let go of her and he walked through security.

“I’ll miss you so much.” She waved at him.

“Me too baby.” He waved back. Nissa watched until he disappeared into the big crowd. Feeling really sad, she got back in her car and decided to drive to Jolene’s Office. Meanwhile Nick sat at the gate waiting to board the flight. Nacho was lying down in the next seat. Nick pet him. He looked up at Nick with sad puppy eyes. “I’m gonna miss her too.” Nacho laid his head down again. Shortly after, their flight was called to board the plane. Nick shot Nissa a text letting her know that he got on. He found their seats and got beat by Nacho to the window seat. “Ha, fat chance.” Nacho growled at Nick, but he picked him up and sat him in the next seat. And Nick sat down in the window seat. As soon as the flight took off, they both fell asleep.

Nissa, made it to Jolene’s office. As soon as she walked in, she was greeted by a familiar face. It was Kim, her high school bully. She was taken by surprise to see Kim again. She wasn’t sure how to feel or react for that matter.

“Hi Nissa. How are you? You probably don’t remember me.”

“Of course I remember you, Kim. How can I forget the person who made fun of me for my choice of music. The person who thought it was cute to ruin the video that I was making to ask Nick Carter to homecoming…….” Kim looked at her with a remorseful look. “Anyway, the past is the past. I am extremely happy that you are very successful. Is Jolene in?”

“She went to lunch. She won’t be back for another 10 minutes.”

“OK. I will wait for her.”

“Look Nissa, I’m so sorry for everything I’ve done to you. You always proved to be above all the nonsense and I admire you for that. I was just jealous because Ben was into you. And I knew it. I was like why would the most popular guy in school have a crush on a girl like you. I was madly in love with him and I didn’t want to lose him to you. So I took my frustrations on you. And I’m sorry for that. You didn’t deserve that.”

“Kim, it’s alright. I’ve moved on and I forgave you. How have you been?”

“I’m doing well. I’m married now.”


“No, that loser is still delivering papers. I married Damon Goldstein. Remember him?”

“Yes the president of every club in high school known to mankind. He was such a great guy. I’m so glad you are with him.”

“All that time I spent pining for Ben, I never noticed Damon. I’m just so glad that I was able to start something beautiful with him before I lost my chance.”

“Yes. What is he getting into these days?”

“He’s the CEO to his own company that makes Eco friendly building materials.”

“Oh that’s great!”

“What about you, Nissa?”

“Well, I lost my dad to cancer. Remember Eric?”

“Yeah. Last time I heard, he was madly in love with you.”

“We dated for a little bit. To find out that he’s my half-brother. Thank god I didn’t sleep with him.”

“So are you single? I hear Brody just got a divorce.”

“No. I’m engaged. I’ll be getting married in a year.”

“Who’s the lucky guy?”

“You wouldn’t believe it if I told you.”

“Try me.”

“Nick Carter!”

“Nissa, you’re bull shitting me right?”

“No. He asked me a couple of nights ago.”

“You do know that he’s like triple your age?”

“Yes I am aware. I love him anyway.”

“Wow, I can’t believe that you made your dream come true.”

“Always shoot for the stars. I did and I got the stars, the moon and the sun. I couldn’t be happier.”

“I’m so glad.” Kim smiled at her as Jolene walked in.

“Hey Nissa. I wasn’t expecting you this soon.”

“Well I just want this to happen soon. So the faster we get all the paperwork signed and delivered the better.”

“OK. Please step into my office. Kim, please hold my phone calls.”

“Will do Jolene.” Nissa hugged Kim.

“It was good to see you.”

“Likewise.” Nissa stepped into Jolene’s office and sat down.

“So here are all the requests we need to send in. Read them over, sign and date them.”

“OK.” Nissa sat there and read each paper carefully and signed each one. It took her about 3 hours to do so. She was so excited that her project was getting on its way. Once she got done at Jolene’s office, she made her way back home. She opened the front door and Nicky Marie was nowhere in sight. Nissa looked in all of Nicky Marie’s favorite spots and didn’t find her anywhere. But just as she was going to start panicking she walked into her bedroom and found her lying on the pillow that Nick was using. “I know girl. I’m gonna miss him too. But don’t worry. Before you know it, we will be with him.” Nicky Marie got down and went to her food bowl to eat. Nissa went back downstairs and got on her computer. She made a few calls.

“Thank you for calling Oak Grove Cemetery. This is Jason speaking.”

“Hi Jason, my name is Nissa Sohma. And I’m calling because I wanted to know if there’s any possible chance that I could have my wedding ceremony on my parents’ plot. They are both buried there.”

“Well Ms. Sohma, I don’t see why not. How many people will there be?”

“It’s gonna be the priest, the photographer, my fiancé and myself.”

“I definitely don’t see why not. I will put this note on our calendar, that way I’m here. We don’t want anyone not knowing what’s going on and calling the cops. When will this event happen?”

“Thank you so much. It’s gonna be October 21, of next year.”

“Perfect. I made the note. If you need anything at all, please don’t hesitate in calling me.”

“Thank you.” Nissa hung up with Jason. She made a note in her Wedding Planning book. She then called some bridal houses. She called 5 of them. The first 4 didn’t sell dresses that were not traditional. She called the 5th one on her list.

“Thank You for calling Blushing Brides House. This is Nina. How may I help you?”

“Hi, I want to know if you have any dresses that are red and black?”

“Yes, we do. And if we don’t have it in the shop, we have several catalogues you can order from.”

“Oh that’s great! Can I make an appointment to come in.”

“Yes. When did you have in mind?”

“How about the day after tomorrow?”

“Alright, we have a 2:30 opening. We also have 4:00, and 4:30.”

“I think the 2:30 would be great.”

“Great. I penciled you in. What is your name?”

“Nissa Sohma.”

“Alright, Ms. Sohma. We will see you then.”

“Thank you so much!” As soon as she hung up, her phone rang. It was Nick. “Hey baby.”

“Hello, Darling.”

“Did you make it in alright?”

“Yes, I did. AJ came to pick me up. We are on our way to his house. Rochelle invited me to dinner.”

“Oh that’s great. Tell them I said hello for me.”

“I will. So what have you been up to?”

“I went over to Jolene’s office after I dropped you off and signed all the paper work. Then I came home and I made some phone calls. By the way Nicky Marie misses you. I found her laying on your pillow.”

“Nacho misses you too. He wasn’t too happy with me when we were at the airport.”

“Oh poor baby. I miss him too.”

“What about me? Do you miss me?”

“Of course I do.” Nissa laughed. “So I called Oak Grove. They said we could get married there.”

“That’s great. So they are gonna let us set up and have all our guests?”

“Baby. No. I just want the priest, photographer, you and me there. No one else.”

“That’s a good idea. But what about the reception?”

“We will have it somewhere else. We could invite everyone else to go straight there and we can have the justice of peace marry us in front of our guest.”

“I think that’s an awesome idea. Have you decided where we are gonna have it?”

“Not yet. I was thinking the Sheraton. Where we stayed this last time.”

“I love that hotel. It’s very elegant. I think we should have it there.”

“Great. So I will call and talk to the wedding coordinator they have there. I have an appointment to pick a dress. I have to call Sophie to see if she can make it.”

“You do that baby girl. I’m gonna let you go. We just got to AJ’s.”

“OK baby. I love you have fun.”

“I love you too. Thank you.” They hung up. Nissa immediately called Sophie.

“Hey girl”

“Hey Soph. What you up to?”

“Nothing. Cooking dinner. Joel is having some coworkers over. You know how that goes.”

“Yes I do. So I’m calling because I have an appointment the day after tomorrow at the Bridal Shop to pick my dress. Do you think you can make it?”

“Damn. I can’t. Joel is showing another program he coded and I have to be here in case it doesn’t go well. You know how he gets.”

“Yeah. I totally know. It’s ok. I’ll invite Kim to go with me.”

“You mean Kim from school?”

“Yeah. She’s interning with Jolene. I ran into her today. She apologized for what she did.”

“Do you think she meant it?”

“Yes. She did for sure. You could see it in her eyes.”

“Good. Hey if anything she will be brutally honest with your choices.” Nissa laughed.

“Yeah, she’s good at that. We could Facetime when we are there. That way you are included.”

“Cool. I would love that.”

“Well I will let you go. I have to call her before she leaves the office.”

“OK. I love You.”

“Love you too, Soph.” Nissa hung up with Sophie and called Kim.”

“Jolene Martin’s Legal Offices, this is Kim speaking.”

“Hey Kim. It’s Nissa.”

“Hey Nissa”

“I was wondering if you would accompany me to an appointment to choose my dress?”

“Of course. But why me?”

“Well Sophie, who is my maid of honor can’t make it because she lives in Florida. And I trust you enough to help me. I will have her on Facetime, but I need someone there too.”

“Oh I’m honored.”

“Besides, Sophie will tell me everything looks good. I can trust you will tell me the truth.”

“Of course. When are we doing this?”

“The day after tomorrow at 2:30.”


“The bridal shop is in Connecticut so we have to drive down.”

“That’s fine.”

“You can pick me up here at the office.”

“Alright, I’ll see you then.” Nissa finally got all the calls done. She ate a snack. She then opened up the word document that she started the night before. She continued writing the book about her mother. Before she knew it, it got dark outside and it was dinner time. At the rate she was going with the book, she was gonna have it finished by the end of the week.

“Dude, are you ready to take the plunge?” AJ asked Nick. Curious as to how he was feeling with his upcoming nuptials.

“Yes I am. She’s like nobody I’ve ever been with.”

“That’s good.” AJ handed him cranberry vodka. They were sitting in the living room. The football game was on. Rochelle was in the kitchen with Ava, preparing dinner. Then all of the sudden Ava comes into the living room with a picture she drew Nick.

“Hey Uncle Nick. I made this for you.”

“Oh thank you baby. I love it. I will put this on my fridge.”

“So I hear you’re getting married?”

“Yes I am.”

“I hope you make me the flower girl!”

“Well we are still at the beginning stages of the planning. I will definitely let you know.”

“When am I gonna meet Nissa?”

“When she moves here permanently. I will have a big dinner and invite all of you guys.”

“Will she be down here for my 9th birthday party?”

“I don’t know baby. She’s gotta take care of some things before she comes out here. We can invite her. Maybe she’ll make the trip. Would you like me to do that?”

“Please. I would love to meet her.”

“Ok Sweetie.” Nick gave her a hug. He couldn’t believe that he has seen this little girl grow up so fast. He couldn’t believe that she was gonna be 9 already. Ava went back into the kitchen. “You know man, I’m so proud of you. You are an excellent father.”

“Thank you. I’ve seen the way you are with all the Backstreet Babies. I know you will be an amazing father when the time comes.”

“I can’t wait.” Rochelle came out to the living room.

“Hey boys, dinner is ready.” They made their way to the dining table. “So Nick, how’s the wedding planning?”

“It’s actually going good.”

“So she already has an idea for venue and all that?”

“Well we are gonna do a ceremony at the cemetery where her parents are buried. We are having a priest officiate that. Then we are gonna take pictures since it’s gonna be around sunset. Then afterwards we will head to the Sheraton hotel in Downtown Springfield. We will have a justice of the peace officiate the ceremony there and have the reception there.”

“Oh that sounds amazing. Has she picked a dress?”

“She has an appointment the day after tomorrow at the bridal shop. She’s going for a red dress.”

“And what does she have envisioned for you?”

“Phantom of the Opera. She asked me if I would be opposed to wearing a mask like Phantom’s. I told her that I would wear it. I have to get fitted for one that way it’s a perfect fit.”

“Oh you’re gonna look handsome. It sounds like she has style. We need to get together so that we can chat. Especially now that she’s gonna become a Backstreet Wife. We talked briefly while you guys were on the reunion tour. But she sounds like my kind of gal.”

“She’s taking care of some business before she comes out here. As soon as she does we will have a get together.”

“Great. I can’t wait.” Dinner went on and they joked and laughed. At the same time Nick was thinking about Nissa and how much he missed her.

Nissa looked at the clock. It was almost midnight. She revised what she had typed up. Turned out that she had 9 chapters typed up since she started. She also realized that she was up to the part where she’s being recognized by her mother’s fans. And how she’s dealing with that and her father’s death. She figured another 2 chapters and she would be done with this book. Then she would send it to the publisher for editing and publishing. Nissa shut off her laptop and took it upstairs to her room. She called Nick.

“Hey baby.”

“Hi Honey. What are you up to?”

“Not much. Just chilling with AJ and tweeting the fans. And you?”

“About to shower and hit the bed. I typed up 7 chapters of the book. And I have a splitting headache.”

“Yeah I would imagine you would. So I have a question for you. Ava, wants to meet you so bad and she told me to ask you if you would come to her 9th birthday party?”

“Awww, she’s too sweet. If AJ and Rochelle are OK with it, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“Of course we are OK with that.” Nissa heard AJ say. Nissa smiled big. She was so honored to have so much love from them already.

“So it’s settled then. You are coming in November. I can’t wait.” There was that come hither tone in his voice.”

“Carter, don’t start that shit in my living room.” Nissa laughed.

“Dude…” Even though they were grown-ups, the Boys always found ways to embarrass Nick. Just like when he was a teenager. Nick will forever be the baby of the group.

“So I’m gonna let you go so I can shower.”

“OK baby. I have to go home soon. I have to make room for Starry and Knight. They are coming home tomorrow.”

“OOOH Yay. Make sure you send me a picture.”

“Baby of course. By the way there’s a certain Pug that is missing you terribly. He’s laying by my feet, moping.”

“Poor baby. I miss him too. Anyway, I will let you go. All my love to AJ, Rochelle and Ava.”

“OK baby. I will call you as soon as they bring in Starry and Knight.”

“Ok. I love you.”

“I love you more.”

“I love you most.” She blew him a kiss and he did the same. They hung up and Nissa went to shower.

“That girl. Nick you hit the jackpot with that girl. I hope you don’t fuck it up.”

“I have no reason to.”


“Well man. I better get home.”

“You want me to drive you?”

“Nah, I’m just a couple of doors down. I can walk there. Besides I need to walk Nacho too.”

“Alright man.” They did their bro handshake and Nick made his way out the door with Nacho. They walked along the beach until they made it to his house. Nick unpacked then he assessed his house to find the perfect place for the tank. He figured out that he would have to move the shelves that he had all his video game consoles to put the tank there. He didn’t care because it was for Nissa. The spot was perfect. He moved everything out. By the time he was done it was past midnight. He showered then he went to bed.

The following morning Nick was woken by a knock on the door and Nacho barking. He went downstairs to check who it was. He freaked when he realized it was the delivery guy from ‘Aquarius’.

“Oh hey man, come in. Sorry I just got out of bed.”

“It’s Ok man. So show me where you want the tank and I will take it from there.”

“It’s right this way.” Nick showed him where he wanted the tank and the man took care of the rest. While he set up the tank, Nick took care of his morning ritual. He came downstairs to find the tank put together already and the water being poured. “About how long does it take to fill up the tank and balance the PH in the water?”

“About 3 hours.”

“Great. Would you like something to drink. I have water, Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Fruit Punch, Orange Juice, and Apple Juice.”

“I’ll take a coke.”

“I’ll be right back.” Nick went and got him one. Nick went back into his office to make some phone calls. The moment the boys found out he was home, they made contact with him. Kevin knocked on his door.

“Hey man. What’s up?”

“I heard about the good news.”

“Oh yeah what’s that?”

“You’re getting hitched.”

“Oh those news haha.”

“Congratulations. How are you feeling about that?”

“I’m excited.”

“You’re not nervous at all?”

“Yes. But knowing that she’s just perfect makes the nervousness go away.”

“Good. Nick I don’t mean to be intrusive but one advice I’m going to give you is that you get rid of all those girl numbers you have in your phone. Let go of the past. Because she deserves all of you. Not a piece of you.” Nick looked at him with a worried look. He knew that by past he meant Mandy and him babying her.

“Damn Kevin, it’s like you knew.”

“What do you mean?”

“Last weekend I ran into Mandy and now she keeps calling and texting me. Wanting to get back with me.”

“You need to nip that in the bud right now or you’re gonna regret it.”

“She tells me that she doesn’t care if I’m with Nissa and her too. That she’ll take her sloppy seconds.”

“OK think about it. She doesn’t care. But as good as Nissa has been with you, do you think it’s fair to her. What if you are not careful and get some disease from Mandy and then you go back to Nissa and give it to her. What then?”

“You are right. Mandy messed up and she lost her chance. Now it’s Nissa’s turn to have all of my heart.”

“You are right. I mean would you have bought Mandy this beautiful tank and sea horses?”

“Hell no.”

“Then that should tell you something.” Nick thought about that. He would only do that for somebody that he absolute loves. And Nissa was it. Just then the gentleman working on the tank came into the kitchen to get Nick.

“Sir the tank is set up. The water is neutralized and salted. I’m getting ready to add the seahorses. I need you to confirm that they are the ones you and Ms. Sohma picked and we will go from there.”

“Excellent. Let’s go.” Nick, Kevin and the gentleman walked back to living room. The gentleman went back to the van to remove the seahorses and bring them in. Once inside he showed them to Nick. “That’s them alright. Aren’t they beautiful?” Nick asked Kevin.”

“Wow. They are just amazing. What in the hell got you wanting seahorses?”

“Nissa has always wanted 2. A boy and a girl. To name them Starry and Knight. I did some research and I was able to buy them for her birthday present.”

“But why didn’t she take them home?”

“Well, she’s moving in with me after she rents her parents’ house. It would’ve cost us more if we had to have them shipped back here. When they were about 45 minutes away originally.”

“Good point. Oh I’m so happy for you. I know you will make a great husband. I knew eventually you’d grow up. I’m extremely proud of you.”

“Thank you, Kevin that means the world to me.”

“OK, Mr. Carter I will be dropping them in. Then the set up process is done. I will stay for an hour longer to make sure they get accustomed to the tank.”

“Thank you so much.” Nick shook his hand.

“Well I better be going. I have to catch a flight home. I’m glad I was able to see you before I left.”

“Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have a safe trip.”

“Thank you.”

“Give Kristin and the boys my love.”

“I will.” Kevin got in his car. Nick waved one last time and went back inside. He snapped a picture of the tank and sent it to Nissa. She immediately called him.

“Oh baby, they are perfect. Thank you so much.” All Nick could do was grin. “Isn’t that where all your game consoles were?”

“Yes. I don’t mind. I never use them anyway.”

“Baby you didn’t have to do that for me.”

“Yes I did. I couldn’t find a better spot for them. Imagine you coming in and sitting down on the couch. Being able to watch them while you drink a glass of wine.”

“MMMM, yes you are right.”


“Yes. You know me so well.”

“Did you sleep well?”

“Yes I did. I slept for several hours then I couldn’t sleep anymore so I finished the book.”

“Really? Wow. That was very fast.”

“I know. It was easy because I didn’t have to think about it. It just flowed right out. And I love what came out.”

“I’m sure that your fans will too. So what are your plans for the book?”

“Just hand it over to the publisher and let them do their magic with it.”

“Good. What are your plans for today?”

“I have to get in contact with a realtor so they can take care of the house renting. Go buy an ad in the newspaper. Today I’m focusing on renting the house.”

“Good. The sooner it gets done, the faster you move in.”

“You are right. What about you? What plans do you have today?”

“I’m gonna meet with Travis.”

“Oh yeah. I forgot about that.”

“I figured I could get into something to keep busy until you get here.”

“Yeah that’s a good idea.” Nissa laughed. “I miss you so much. I was getting used to waking up next to you.”

“Me too baby. I’ll let you go my love. So you can take care of all that. I’ll call you later.”

“OK baby. Talk to you then. I love you.”

“I love you too Gummy Bear.” Nissa got dressed and got in her car. She went to the local realtor, Justin James.

“Hello, welcome to Justin James’ Office. What can I help you with?”

“I want to put my house up for rent.”

“OK. I’m gonna have you fill this out and I will let Mr. James know you are here.”

“Thank you very much.” Nissa filled out the paper work while she waited. Justin James came out 10 minutes later. He seemed to be older than Nick. He was tall and well built.

“Miss Sohma? It’s such a pleasure to meet you. Please come into my office. What can I do for you today?”

“Well Mr. James, I want to put my parents’ house up for rent. Can you help me with that?”

“Of course I can. First can you describe the house?”

“Yes it’s a 2 story Victorian house style. It was built back in 1857. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms upstairs and a half bathroom downstairs, a full kitchen, 2 living rooms downstairs and 1 living room upstairs. It’s got a wraparound porch. It sits on a piece of land the size of 1 acre.”

“Perfect. What is the condition of the inside?” He continued typing up the report on his laptop.

“It is in excellent conditions. We’ve been in that house for over 20 years. My dad took care of all the repairs himself. He had it inspected once a year for lead, carbon monoxide, pests, you name it. It passed every year.”

“Great. Do you have all those documents?”

“Yes I do.”

“I’m gonna have you bring those in, so that I have a copy in the file.”

“Of course.”

“Now let’s talk rent price. How much were you thinking?”

“Since it’s a huge house, I’m thinking about $875 per month.”


p class=”MsoNormal” style=”margin-bottom:.0001pt;text-indent:.5in;”> “Will you be charging a pet fee?”
“Yes. $100 for a dog and/or $50 for a cat. Anything that’s caged can stay for free.”

“How about a security deposit?”

“$350. That means that if anything is damaged in the house when they move out, they will not be getting that deposit back. Oh and because it’s such a large amount all they have to pay is the deposit and 10% of their first month rent.”

“That sounds good. You are one of my easiest clients.” They both laughed.

“I’ve researched on all that. I always like to be prepared.”

“That’s a great quality in a person.”

“Thank you, Mr. James.”

“Please, call me Justin.”

“Great. So what is the price for your service?”

“$800. You can pay me when I have successfully rented out the house.”

“Sounds like a deal. I will make sure to bring you all that paperwork before closing today.”

“Great. I will get all this started. I strongly recommend that you put out an ad to increase our chances. I will be putting the house on several of our websites. I will come over sometime in the next couple of days to take some pictures if you don’t mind.”

“No I don’t mind. It gives me time to tidy up a little bit.”

“I will call you in advance.”

“Thank you so much.” Nissa got up and shook Justin’s hand. She then made her way to their local newspaper office. She was greeted by an intern.

“Hello Miss, what can I do for you?”

“I need to put out an ad for my house that is for rent.”

“Alright. Please fill out this form. Make sure that everything is written as you want it printed and I will take care of the rest.” Nissa took her time to fill out the form. She then gave it to the young man behind the desk. He looked it over.”

“OK Miss. This will be posted in tomorrow’s paper. It’s gonna be $4 for three days. Then you can log on to this website and renew it. Make sure you enter this account number when you sign in that way the system will know which ad it’s renewing. Do you have any questions for me?”

“No. It’s very easy. Thank you for your help.”

“No problem at all, Miss.” Nissa left. She went back to the house to gather all the paper work Justin needed. She dropped them off at his office. After she was done she decided to grab some dinner. Kim called her just as she was getting out at LeFrog’s.


“Hey Nissa. It’s Kim. I’m just calling to confirm for tomorrow. I’m about to ask Jolene for tomorrow off.” Nissa smiled.

“Yes we are still on. I can’t thank you enough for doing this for me.”

“It’s not a problem at all.”

“OK. So I will see you tomorrow.”

”This is my cell number. Save it.”

“Great. Have a good night.”

“Good night.” Nissa went into LeFrog’s for dinner. When she sat at the table, she remembered that the first and last time she was in there, it was with her father. She got kind of sad. She ate her dinner while scrolling through her phone. She couldn’t believe all the outpouring support from Nick’s fans about their upcoming wedding. Several negative comments were posted but the positive ones made up them. She finished her dinner and made her way home. She was extremely restless so she decided to call Nick, hoping that he wasn’t too busy.

“Hey baby. What are you up to?”

“Not much. Just got back from walking Nacho. You?”

“I just got home.”

“What did you do today?”

“I went and talked to a realtor. I went and put up an ad in the newspaper for the house. By the time so I went to LeFrogs. How about you?”

“I went to see Travis.”

“How did it go?’”

“I told him that I wanted to release an album soon. He told me that other guys are working on some solo projects so now would be a perfect time to do that.”

“That’s good. Are you still putting my song on it?”

“Of course I am.”


“Are you going to bed soon?”

“No I have to start cleaning up. Justin my realtor told me that he needs to come here sometime in the next couple of days.”

“What for?”

“To take pictures of the house.”

“Oh OK, What are you doing tomorrow?”

“I have an appointment for the dress. My friend Kim is going with me.”

“That’s good but I thought Sophie was going with you?”

“She can’t, Joel has an important presentation. She wants to be there for him no matter of the outcome is for him.”

“Yes of course…” There was silence. “God Nissa I miss you so bad.”

“Me too baby. I will see you soon in November.”


p class=”MsoNormal” style=”margin-bottom:.0001pt;text-indent:.5in;”> “I know baby girl. I can’t wait.”
“Who knows maybe I will have the house rented by then.”

“You think so?”

“Oh yeah.”

“I hope so because I want you here.”

“Baby, I love you so much.”

“I love you more.”

“I love you most. I better let you go so I can clean up a little and then go to bed. I have a long day tomorrow.”

“Ok my love. I will call you when I get up.”

“Great. I will be waiting for your call.”

“Good night baby girl.”

“Good night Rockstar.” Nick loved when she called him a Rockstar. And not because that was what she loved about him but because, he was her Rockstar. To him when she called him that it was because she saw something incredible in him, beyond his profession and he knew that. When they hung up, she decided to clean up the downstairs. She began with the kitchen. Then she cleaned the half bathroom and the 2 living rooms. Once she was done, she was tired enough to fall asleep. She showered and went to bed.

Nick sat there in his studio, mixing some vocal tracks he had laid down. All he could think about was how he couldn’t wait to have Nissa there. How amazing their lives were gonna be. He was interrupted by his phone.


“Nick, it’s me.”

“Mandy? What do you want?”

“I hear you were back in town and I was wondering if you can meet me for coffee.”

“I guess I can. How about tomorrow for lunch?”

“Yeah that’s good. Where do you want to meet?”

“The Water Grill in LA.”

“OK. I’ll be there.” Nick hung up. He immediately had a bad feeling about it. He went back to what he was doing. The first song he was able to get album ready, was the song he wrote for Nissa. The one he performed at the award show. Once he was done he went to bed. He tossed and turned. Every time he would fall asleep, he would have a bad dream about his meeting with Mandy or having to do with the consequences of that meeting. He began to wonder if he wasn’t doing anything wrong why was he feeling the way he was.

The following morning, Nissa woke up to another gorgeous fall morning. She got dressed and had breakfast. As she was eating, she E-Mailed Wayne Irving her publisher to let him know that she had finished her book and she was mailing him a printed copy of the book to be edited and published. She shut off the laptop and washed her plate. She then grabbed her purse and keys and headed out the door. Once in the car she connected her Bluetooth to hands-free. Everything call she made or received could be heard through her car speakers. She called Kim as she was backing out of her driveway.

“Hello?” She heard Kim say.

“Hey Kim. I’m just calling to let you know that I’m on my way.”

“OK. I’m ready. I just have to drive over to the office. Or you know what I have to finish Damon’s dinner for tonight. Can you pick me up at the house?”

“Of course I can.”

“Great I will text you my address.”

“Good. I should be in Portland at about 10:00.”

“OK. I’ll see you then.” Shortly after they hung up, Nissa received the text with Kim’s address. “Siri, save Kim’s address in my Contacts.”

“Kim’s address has been saved in your contacts. Would you like me to reroute you to Kim’s address?”


“Rerouting you…Directions updated…” Nissa continued on the highway. She turned on her Spotify app to listen to her most current favorite playlist. She was so into the music that she didn’t even noticed that she was almost to Portland. She arrived to Kim’s house at 9:52. She called her up to let her know that she was there. Kim came out shortly after.

“Hey girl. Thank you for coming with me.”

“It’s my pleasure, It gets me out of my daily routine.”

“I’m glad.” They laughed. “Do you want to get anything to drink before we hit the road?”

“Yes that’s a good idea. I would like a coffee.”

“Great me too.” They headed to Dunking Donuts. Nissa went through the drive thru. She ordered herself a Large French Vanilla Ice Coffee and Kim asked for a Large Caramel Swirl Iced Coffee. Then they headed out. “So how is married life treating you?”

“It’s everything I ever imagined. We laugh, we love, we fight, and we make up. Damon is just amazing.”

“So if he’s a celebrity, would it still be worth it?”

“Are you having cold feet?”

“No! Of course not. I love Nick. I was just curious.”

“Then yeah. It is worth everything. Even though he belongs to all those girls, it’s you he comes home to. It’s with you he fights and makes up. All those girls get is a glimpse of him. You get the bad, ugly, and beautiful of him. You get his tears, his heartbreaks and his happiness.” Nissa thought about what she said. Her phone rang. Kim looked over at her when she heard the very interesting ringtone. It was Nick saying ‘I Love you, Gummy Bear’ repeatedly. Kim giggled as Nissa answered the call.

“Hey baby.”

“Good Morning my love. What are you up to?”

“Nothing. Lying in bed…thinking about the naughty things I want to do to you.” Nissa started laughing. “What’s so funny?” Nick asked very confused.

“Baby, I have you on the hands free. Kim heard everything you just said.”

“She’s welcomed to join.” Nissa and Kim exchanged amused looks.

“You’re such a man.” Nick laughed.

“Are you almost there?”

“We have about an hour and a half to go.”

“That’s really good.”

“What do you have planned for today?”

“Not much. Just staying in. I want to work on the album.”

“Sounds like fun.”

“Well baby cakes, I will let you go so you can focus on the road.”

“Ok babe. I will call you later.”


“I love you, Rockstar.”

“I love you more, Gummy Bear.”

“I love you most.” They hung up. Nick lay there a little longer. Thinking what a lucky man he was. He then got out of bed and got ready. He was supposed to meet Mandy for lunch. He was dreading it. He was regretting inviting her in the first place. But he was a man of his word. So he had to keep his word. It didn’t take him long to shower, get dressed, and head out. When he arrived, Mandy had gotten them a table. He walked over to her and kissed her cheek.

“I thought you wouldn’t show.”

“Why? You know I’ve always kept my word.”

“I know. I’m glad you did come.”

“Why are you pursuing me?”

“Nicky, because I still love you. I want you back.” Mandy put her hand on his. He pulled it away.

“Let me be clear about this. I don’t want to get back with you. I love Nissa and she loves me. She deserves all of me. You had your chance and you blew it.”

“Nick I’m aware of that. Bet that you pretend you’re kissing me instead of her.”

“You’re very wrong. I got over you a long time ago.”

“Fine. I don’t believe you though.” They ordered and ate. Nick paid the bill. As he was walking her to his car, a photographer snapped a phone. They didn’t notice.

“Look, I need you to stop calling me. I don’t want anything to do with you. I won’t jeopardize everything with Nissa for someone who used and hurt me.”

“Whatever Nick, it’s your loss. You will never find someone like me.”

“You’re right. I found someone so much better that loves me for me and not for what I am.” Mandy got in her car.

“When you realize the mistake you made, don’t come running to me.”

“Trust me. I won’t.” She drove away and Nick got in his car and drove home. He threw his keys on the table by the door. He stormed into his studio. He was feeling guilty that he went to see Mandy and he was angry at himself. He knew his music would make him feel so much better.

Nissa and Kim finally made it to New London, Connecticut. They found the bridal shop.

“Hi. I’m Nissa Sohma. I have an appointment to get a dress.”

“Yes Ms. Sohma. We are ready for you. My name is Cameron. You can call me Cam.”

“Nice to meet you. This is my friend Kim. She will be helping me. I will also be Facetiming my Maid of Honor. She’s in Florida and she couldn’t make it.”

“OK. So first, I want you to tell me what it is that you are seeing yourself in.”

“It’s a Halloween wedding. I don’t want a black dress. I want a red dress with black detail.”

“What shape do you want it to have? An A Line, Ball Gown, Mermaid…”

“I was thinking a ball gown dress with a very tight corset and off the shoulder cap sleeves.”

“Great. I have several that you can look at here. If I don’t have anything you like. I can order for you. Let me get your measurements and we’ll go from there.

“Great” Cam measured Nissa. She wrote them down. Then she went to the back and got 4 dresses. Kim noticed that Nissa was pacing back and forth. And she was biting her nails.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine.” Kim smiled.

“Nissa, I know better.”

“Ok. I’m nervous.”

“Why are you nervous?”

“I’m getting married. And what if this is a bad experience. The wedding dress choosing part of it. It has to be perfect. This is a milestone that every girl goes through.”

“You’re right. It is, but you don’t have to be nervous. You have me here. Oh and we have to call Sophie.” Nissa dialed Sophie. She accepted the video call.

“Hey Girl.”

“Hi Nissa.” She greeted her with a smile.

“Remember Kim?” Nissa pointed her phone in Kim’s direction. Kim waved. Sophie waved back. Cam pushed out a cart where she hung the dresses.

“OK ladies here we go.”

“Go ahead Nissa.” Nissa put on each dress and came out each time. Both Kim and Sophie took notes. Once Nissa showed them dress #4. She took it off and got dressed. She joined Kim, Sophie, and Cam to choose the dress.

“OK so which one? I really liked dress #3. It’s exactly what I wanted.

“I agree.” Said Cam.

“I liked #1 and #3. But #3 is perfect for you.” Said Sophie.

“I liked #3 and 4. But I would go with #3 because it compliments your body shape.”

“It is dress #3.” Nissa informed Cam.

“Perfect Ms. Sohma. I will set this dress aside. Make sure that you come 3 months and 1 month prior to the wedding. Just to make sure that it’s still the right measurements.”

“Of course. I will definitely do that.”

“Great then. You are all set. I will call you to remind you when you have to come in.”

“Thank you so much.” Nissa, Kim, and Sophie still on the phone, got in the car. Nissa connected the phone to the hands-free in the car.

“Well girls, I will let you go. Joel just got home from his presentation.”

“Please let me know what happened.

“I will.” It was around 4:30 by the time they got out of there.

“Do you have to go straight home when you get to Portland?”

“No. I told Damon that I might be late. He has dinner waiting for him anyway.”

“Great! You can have dinner with me.”

“Of course.” They laughed.

“So are you and Damon planning to have kids?”

“We want to. But we don’t think it’s the right time.”

“Right, because of your internship.”

“Exactly. How about you?”

“I want to but I’m not sure about Nick. But even if he does want to, I want to wait. That way we can enjoy our marriage a little without kids.”

“That’s an excellent idea. Believe me, I’m so glad that we have waited. We have been able to travel, party, have quiet time and many more things. Got it out of our system. Then when we have kids we can take them to our favorite places. Another thing, we won’t feel like we missed anything.”

“That’s exactly what I want!”

“You’ll get it. Oh I’m so happy for you.”

“Thank you. By the way, you will be getting an invitation. I want you to be there.”

“You mean that?”

“Yes I do.”

“I’m honored. Of course I will be there.” The girls made it to Portland. They had a nice dinner as they chatted about Nissa’s upcoming tasks. “Wow look at the time. Damon must be wondering where the hell I am. And you still have to drive back to Friendship.”

“Yeah. I had a blast hanging out with you. Thank you so much for coming with me.”

“I’m glad that we ran into each other. You need anything at all give me a call.”

“I will. Have a goodnight.” Nissa smiled at her. Kim got out and walked up her pathway to her door. Just as she reached the door, Damon opened it and escorted her in. He greeted her with a kiss and a smile. As he shut the door, he waved at Nissa like if he knew her. Nissa waved back and made her way to Friendship. She began to blast Adele’s 25 album. Somehow the music made her very melancholy. She missed Nick and she was wondering if her marriage with Nick was gonna be as sweet and romantic as Kim and Damon’s. It was a little after midnight when she arrived at her house; she hadn’t realized how fast that drive went. She unlocked the door and Nicky Marie greeted her. “Hi baby.” She picked her up and hugged her. “I chose my dress. I can’t wait to be with him.” Nissa went upstairs and showered. She came out to find a missed call from Nick. She laid down in bed and facetimed him back.

“Hey Babe.”

“Hi honey. What are you up to?”

“Playing WOW with the fans again. What about you?”

“I just took a shower. I’m so exhausted.”

“I bet baby girl. You’ve been on the road all day. Did you accomplish what you set out to do?”

“Yes baby. I found my dress. Both Kim and Sophie helped tremendously.”

“That’s good. Do you have a picture?”

“You know it’s bad luck to see the dress before the wedding.”

“It was worth a try.” Nick stared at her. “God, you’re so beautiful.” He couldn’t stop looking at her.

“Thank you, baby.”

“You don’t have to thank me. I will always tell you what I feel about you.”

The following months passed really quickly. The holidays came and went. Nissa went to California to Ava’s birthday and she gave Nick her approval of Nissa. Nissa went back to Friendship to start packing her house. Justin had been showing the house so often that somebody was bound to rent it. But the moment she started packing up her dad’s things, she changed her mind. She didn’t have the heart to keep his memory in boxes. She called Justin and told him that she will not be renting the house. Nick had released his album. He had gone on a mini American tour. He made sure that he spent thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s with Nissa. Then he would go back on the road. After the holidays, Nick decided to add a few dates to the tour. Nissa traveled several times to be with him. In the meantime all the legalities of the Bed and Breakfast were taken care of. So they began the restoration process. Nissa’s biography on her mother was ready to be published and released but Nissa decided to wait to release it after the wedding so she could go on a book tour. She and Sophie got most of the wedding planning done. It was just a matter of waiting till the day arrived.

It was the beginning of August. Nissa had moved to Malibu back in May. She loved the beach life. She found it so relaxing; in a fast paced state. Nicky Marie and Nacho were tighter than ever; that was strange when you thought about the forever ongoing cat vs. dog war. Starry and Knight were as content as they could be. Nissa was so happy with all their combined pets. The co-living arrangements were working out. Nick and Nissa were over the moon with each other. To them they had the perfect life. It was nothing but perfection.

“Gummy bear, are you ok?” Nick asked her. Nissa had been in the bathroom for about 15 minutes. She opened the door and stood there cleaning her face with paper.

“Yes. I think what I had for lunch isn’t agreeing with me.”

“Ok baby girl. Let me know if you need anything.”

“I will.” Nick went out to the gym with Jake. Nissa was researching for her new book on the balcony overlooking the ocean, when all of the sudden she had to run to the bathroom and throw up for the 7th time. Nicky Marie was so concerned that she wasn’t leaving Nissa’s side. Nissa was thinking food poisoning. She had some crackers and that seemed to help. She was fine for the rest of the night. The following morning Nick was headed out to a meeting with Travis. He put on Nissa’s favorite cologne. They had breakfast and Nissa walked with him to the door.

“I hope you have a good meeting.”

“I think I will, baby.” Nissa stood on her toes to kiss him but she couldn’t.

“What the hell are you wearing? You smell like you took a bath in sewer water.” Nick was puzzled.

“It’s your favorite cologne. Are you sure you are OK?”

“Yes I’m sure.” She said as she ran to the bathroom again. Nick shut the front door and went after her.

“If you don’t get better by tonight, we are going to the doctor.”

“OK. I was fine all night until I smelled you. Please just go away.”

“Fine. I will be back soon. Please call me if you get worse.”

“I will. Just GO!”

“Fine. I love you.” Nick left hesitantly. He was getting concerned but he knew that Nissa needed her space as puzzling as it was for him. He was gone for 3 hours. In those 3 hours Nissa felt OK. She cleaned the house and did their laundry. She even walked Nacho on the beach. But the moment Nick walked through that door, she began to feel nauseated.

“Nick, are you home? I can smell you up here!”

“Yes I am home baby. What are you a blood hound? Did you get bitten by a spider?”

“Don’t come up here if you’re gonna be a dick!”

“Baby, I need to come up. I want to shower so that I can get this cologne off.”

“Fine! Come in and get out!” Nick went up the stairs, and went straight into the bathroom. Nissa was sitting cross legged on the floor against the foot of the bed. Nicky Marie was curled up in her lap. She was watching Pocahontas and she started crying when she was singing ‘Colors of the Wind’. She had never cried to that movie. She was able to dry up her tears by the time Nick came out of the bathroom. He found her rearranging his underwear drawer. He sat next to her.

“Baby, what are you doing?”

“I didn’t do it right. It looks awful.”

“Baby, it’s fine. As long as I can find anything in it, I don’t worry.” Nissa burst into tears.

“I just feel bad that I yelled at you earlier.”

“Gummy bear. Clearly you’re not feeling good. I just wish you would let me take care of you.”

“I couldn’t. Every time you came near me I gagged.”

“I don’t think that’s normal. Maybe we should go to the doctor tomorrow.”

“That’s fine. I was cleaning and doing some other chores but all I wanted to do was pass out on the spot. It’s not normal for me to want to sleep that much.” Nick kissed her forehead as he stood up.

“OK baby girl. I think you should get some rest.” He pulled her up from the floor and into his arms. She hugged him. He felt her love handles had become more smoothly round. He released her from his embrace and looked at her belly. He smiled.

“Why are you smiling?”

“No reason my love.” Nick had an idea about what the doctor was gonna tell them. But he wasn’t gonna say anything to her. He was gonna wait till the doctor confirmed his suspicions. “Let’s go to sleep baby. I will call my doctor in the morning and make you an appointment.” Nissa laid down on their bed. Nicky Marie and Nacho laid next to her. Nick went downstairs to his studio to work on some songs. He was trying to occupy his mind.

The following morning Nissa got up before Nick. She was so nauseous; she couldn’t find a comfortable position. She got out of bed and decided to make Nick breakfast. Nick woke up to the smell of bacon and syrup. He smiled as soon as he opened his eyes. He went downstairs and found her making some French toast. He snuck on her from behind.

“Hey baby.” He kissed the spot on her neck that never failed to turn her on.

“Good Morning, Rockstar.” She moaned. She leaned into the kiss.

“How are you feeling?”

“I got nauseous this morning but I’m feeling ok for now.”

“I’m still gonna make you an appointment with my doctor. He’s really awesome.”

“Ok my love. But please eat first.” She told him as she set his plate down on the table and kissed him. He slapped her ass when she turned around to walk away. She laughed. Nick ate his breakfast.

“Wow baby that was so delicious. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome baby.” Nick grabbed his phone and dialed his doctor. He made the call then he came back to Nissa.

“I was able to make you an appointment for this afternoon at 1:30.”

“OK baby. Do you have anything planned for today?”

“No I was taking today off to do whatever you wanted.”

“Oh that’s so sweet.” She said as she finished washing the dishes and wiped her hands dry on her jeans. “I guess we can spend the day at the doctor’s.” She laughed.

Nick went upstairs to clean up and get dressed. Nissa laid down on the couch. Nacho laid on her belly. Nicky Marie laid by her head on the pillow. Nissa drifted into a nap. Nick came back down to find that sweet scene. He took a picture and posted it on Instagram. He captioned it, ‘I Live for these moments.’ He went to the balcony to take in the beautiful August beach weather. He couldn’t ask for a better life. He took his phone out and made a memo recording of those words. He was thinking potential song.

He let Nissa sleep till about 2 hours prior to her appointment.

“Nacho. Get off of her.” Nacho jumped off of her and Nick kissed Nissa. “Gummy Bear. Wake up. You have to get ready for your appointment.” She moaned then got up from the couch. She went upstairs to clean up and get dressed. Even after taking the nap she felt like she could sleep for another 20 hours. “Are you OK baby?” He shouted from downstairs.

“Yes Nick. I’m fine. I’m almost done.”

“OK baby. Take your time. We are on time. Nissa got done and made her way downstairs. She grabbed her purse and cell while Nick grabbed the keys to his Range Rover. They got on their way to the doctor’s.

“I honestly think that I have a stomach virus.”

“That’s probably it. But I rather you go and get seen. That way if you need some sort of antibiotic, the doctor can prescribe it.”

“You’re right baby.” She got on her phone while Nick messed with the presets on his Satellite radio. He stopped on the station playing ‘The One’.

“Hey I remember when this song came out. This group was huge. I just can’t remember their names.” Nissa looked at him like he was crazy. He began to sing along to the song and Nissa decided to go along with it.

“It’s called the ‘The One’ and it’s by the Backstreet Boys. You know the boy band that had all those awards. Sold millions of copies of their albums. Oh and the really hot one turned out to be gay. Now nobody knows where they are.” She started laughing. Nick looked at her like ‘Seriously?’ “What?”

“You’re so funny.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Well because I happen to know that Backstreet Boys never left. And the really hot one is definitely not gay.”

“How do you know all this?”

“Well I happen to be the really hot one. And I’m sure I’m not gay.” They laughed. Nissa felt nauseus again.”

“Please stop the car.” Nick pulled over on the side of the road. Nissa got out and threw up.

“Good thing we are gonna see the doctor.” Nissa wiped her mouth with tissue. She got back in the car. Nick waited to make sure she was alright.

“We can go now. I don’t want to be late.”

“OK.” Nick pulled into traffic. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Yes. I’ll make it.” They weren’t far from the Doctor’s office. Once there Nick dropped her off at the door and went to park. Nissa waited for him in the lobby. She saw him walking up the parking row. Once again he looked like a God. She was thinking about what she had done to deserve such a man. He went through the revolving door. Like one of those dramatic scenes in a RomCom movie. Nissa laughed.

“What’s so funny?”

“Well Mr. Carter. I’ve always said that you know how to make an impressionable entrance.”


“Yep at concerts, meet and greets, and now this. You walking like you own the place and then you do the revolving doors.” He laughed.

“I guess you’re right. I have a thing for dramatic.”

“I know.” She laughed as she buried her hand in his. He lifted it up and kissed it. She smiled at him. They walked into the office. Nissa checked in and sat next to Nick in the waiting room. She was flipping through a magazine and she saw and 1 page article on his engagement. She read it. They finally called her in. Nick stayed in the waiting room. Nissa went in.

“So Miss Sohma, let’s get your vitals. I will also need a urine sample.” The nurse handed her a cup. She checked Nissa’s blood pressure, weight, and checked for a fever. She then showed her the bathroom.

Meanwhile in the waiting room, the receptionist came out to Nick.

“Hey Nick, congrats on your engagement.”

“Thank you Lisa. I’m extremely happy.”

“Was that her that came in?”

“Yep, that’s her.”

“She’s beautiful. She seems really nice.”

“She is amazing.”

“Well I better get back to the desk. It was good to see you.”

“Likewise.” He hugged her and Lisa went back to her desk.

“Miss Sohma, when was your last period?” The nurse asked her poking her head through the door of the room Nissa had been put in.

“April 12th.”

“OK. The doctor will be in shortly.” Nissa waited. Wondering what Nick was up to. She texted him.

”What are you up to?”

Sitting here reading that magazine you were reading. Has the doctor seen you?”


”He’s usually quick. You won’t have to wait too long.”

”OK. They are here.”

“Miss Sohma, I’m Dr. Henry Spotz.”

“Nice to meet you, I’m Nissa.”

“So tell me about what brings you here.”

“It started a couple of days ago. I went out to lunch with my fiancé and that afternoon, I started vomiting. The following day I kept vomiting and I was exhausted. Later that afternoon my fiancé put on my favorite cologne and I couldn’t stand the smell. I would literally get sick from smelling him.”

“Any other symptoms?”

“No that’s everything that I was going through.”

“OK. So here is what’s going on. We took the urine sample and did a pregnancy test.”

“What was the result?”

“It came out positive!” Nissa didn’t know how to react. She was so happy. She was having a baby with the man that she loved.

“How far along am I?”

“You told the nurse that your last period was in April. So that makes you about 4 months along.”

“Wow. That’s amazing. How come I couldn’t tell sooner that I was pregnant?”

“All pregnancies are very different. Some won’t show symptoms till later on. You are past the first trimester. The chances of you losing the baby are less than if you were in the first trimester. So you can share the news to everybody.”

“When can we find out the gender?”

“Actually you’re far along enough to find out right now. I will refer you to an obstetrician. There they will do a sonogram as soon as you get in to see them.”

“Oh this is so awesome. Thank you so much.”

“I will have the nurse call you when we set all that up for you.”

“Thank you.” Nissa made her way out to the waiting room.

“So?” Nick asked her as he got up from the chair.

“I have to go to the pharmacy to get sea sick medicine. It helps with the nausea.”

“OK. But did he say the reason why you are feeling bad?”

“Yes.” Nick was getting impatient.

“What he say?” They were in the elevator. Nissa couldn’t hold the news in any longer. She turned to Nick and held his hands like she was gonna propose.

“Baby, we are pregnant.” Nissa smiled at him. Nick picked her up and held her close.

“You are not lying to me?’

“Baby, no. I’m pregnant.”

“How far along are you?”

“Almost 3 months.”

“So we can shout it to the world?”

“Yes.” She told him. She couldn’t help crying happy tears as she saw how happy he was. He kissed her.

“Now my life is perfect. I love you so much, Gummy Bear.”

“I love you more, Rockstar.”

“I love you most.”

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