Tragically Determined

“Nissa?” He answered.

“Hi, is this Nick Carter?”

“Yes this is him?”

“I am Nancy Cromwell. I am a nurse at Portsmouth Regional Hospital in New Hampshire…” Nick felt a knot in his stomach. “We have a Nissa Sohma here and you were the last person she had contact with. I figured I’d call you.”

“I’m her boyfriend. Is she alright?”

“Mr. Carter, she is unconscious. She hit her head really hard on her driver side window. Thankfully she was wearing her seat belt so she didn’t fly out. She’s being examined right now to make sure that she didn’t break any bones.”

“I’m on the next flight out there.”

“Alright, Mr. Carter I will keep you updated on her condition.” Nick hung up with the nurse and immediately called Jake.

“Hey dude, I need you to dog sit.”

“Why, what’s wrong?”

“Nissa had a wreck while she was driving back to Maine. She’s in the hospital right now and I gotta go.”

“OK man. Hope everything turns out alright.”

“Thanks.” He left for the airport. Once he got there, there were no flights out to anywhere. He stopped to think how he could get to New Hampshire as fast as he could. “Alright Carter, pull yourself together. I could drive as far as I can, then I can catch a flight. No stupid, that’s just gonna take longer. God send me a sign…” And just as he was about to get back in his car and head East, he looked out the window and saw what seemed to be a private jet. He looked up “Thank you god for the sign.” He headed to the counter. “Excuse me Miss, I know that there are no flights leaving anytime soon, but I saw a private jet just landed. Is there any way you can find out if I can charter it? And how much it would be?”

“Yes let me make a phone call.” Nick was waiting impatiently. After 10 minutes of the agent typing on the computer, she finally hung up with the other agent she was speaking to. “Alright Sir, that plane is up for chartering. I need to get some information from you.”

“Oh thank god.” He pulled his wallet as the agent was asking him several questions.

“Can I get your name?”

“Nick Carter”

“What is your destination?”


“Is there a return date?”

“No, it’s a one way.”

“How many people are flying?”

“Just one.”

“Are you checking in luggage?”

“No I’m not.”

“Any pets?”


“Any special requests?”

“Yes that they get me there as fast as they can!” She could sense his urgency in that statement.

“Ok sir. The total price with 6 hours of renting fee and the price of a one way seat ticket is $82,641.”

“6 Hours!!!? Is there anything faster than that?”

“No sir.”

“I guess it’s better than nothing. I’m going to have to use several different cards to cover the amount. Start with these five, and I will write down the other 5. Can you please distribute the amount evenly?”

“Yes. It’s 10 cards in total?”


“Each card will be charged with a total of $8,264.10.”

“That’s fine. When is the flight time?”

“They are refueling and preparing the plane. You will be on your way as soon as you are escorted to the tarmac.” They finished up the payment process and then he was escorted to the plane. There he met with the pilots and the flight attendant.

“Hello, Mr. Carter welcome aboard. My name is Jason Cameron. I am your pilot.” Nick shook his hand.

“And I am, Eugene Miller the Copilot.”

“I am Katerina, your flight attendant.”

“Nice to meet you all. I’m sorry if I seem out of sorts but this is an emergency flight. My girlfriend is in a hospital in Portsmouth. And I need to get there as fast as I can.”

“Of course Mr. Carter. I checked the weather patterns and everything is clear so we can go at full speed. We can get ready for our departure now. Nick took a seat and put on his seat belt. Anxiety was getting the best of him. But he knew that if he didn’t calm down he’d go into panic mode. Then he realized that no woman has made him feel that way. He wouldn’t have shell out almost $100,000 for anyone. And that he would’ve been in bed, after a long night of boozy partying and fucking random girls. Then his mind wondered to the thought of him losing Nissa. He had just found her, and it would just tear him apart if something happened to her. He was so deep in thought, he didn’t realize that the pilots had crosschecked, gotten clearance to take off and that they had already been in the air for 5 minutes. Katerina, interrupted his thoughts.

“Mr. Carter, would you like anything to drink or eat?”

“No. Thank you, Katerina. Not at this moment. This will be probably your easiest flight.”

“Why do you say that?”

“You won’t have to wait on me too much.”

“I don’t mind it at all. I am here at your service.”

“Thank you.” Nick tried to sleep a little. Since he couldn’t do anything else. But he couldn’t stop thinking about Nissa. “Hang in there baby girl. I’m on my way.”

The doctors finished examining her. They had discovered that she had broken three ribs where the seat belt pulled her back really hard. She had hit her head so hard that she fell into a coma.

“Hello sweetheart.” Nissa turned around to see Jeff.

“Daddy? Where am I?”

“This is what people call limbo or the in-between.”

“Do you mean that I am DEAD!!!?”

“No sweetheart. You are in a coma.” Nissa started crying.

“I don’t know what happened. I was fine and then all of the sudden I lost control of the car.”

“I know sweetheart. It’s ok.” She hugged him.

“I miss you so much.”

“I know honey. But I’ve been there with you.”

“Where’s mom? Can I see her?” Jazmine pops out of nowhere.

“Here I am darling.” Nissa ran into her arms.

“Oh Mom. I don’t want to go back.”

“You have to. It’s not your time yet.”

“Why am I here then?”

“Baby girl, we don’t know. There could be many reasons, that are unknown to us.”

“So are you guys stuck here?”

“No darling, we have gone to heaven. We just came here to see you.” Jeff told her.

“You need to go back. Nick is on his way.” Jazmine informed her.”

“Oh yeah dad, I would like for you to tell me why you gave him mom’s rings?” Jeff looked at Jazmine and grinned.

“I took that secret to the grave.” Jeff kissed her forehead and smiled at her, “I gave them to him so he can pawn them and buy himself a bigger beach house.” Nissa’s jaw dropped. All of the sudden she heard Nick’s voice in the distance. “He’s here. Go back to him. You may not think so but he needs you.”

“That’s really hard to believe.”

“It’s true.” Jazmine reassured her. “Go baby girl. We will be with you always.” Nissa hugged both her parents. She went back but didn’t go back to her body. She stood by Nick as he was talking to the doctor.

“She suffered severe head trauma to put her in a coma. Her vitals are steady so we know she’s there. We are just waiting till she comes to. She also suffered several broken ribs from the seat belt pulling her back so hard.”

“So her recovery plan depends on how she wakes up?”

“Yes, Mr. Carter. Now we play the waiting game.”

“Thank you, doctor.” They shook hands. Nick pulled up a chair and sat next to her. He grabbed her hand and sat there in silence for a couple of minutes. Nissa stood on the other side of the hospital bed and watched him.

“Baby girl, I wish you had listened to me. I’m just glad that you are alive. I don’t know what would happen with me if I lost you. You’ve been a big part in my life for almost 7 years. It would be so weird without you. And I know that you are special because I would not shell out almost $100,000 to be here as fast as I could. And normally, a night like this I would’ve been in bed with a strange woman after a crazy night of partying and booze. You have changed me somehow and it feels amazing. I have inspiration for the first time in a long time. And the time you spent with me when we were on tour wasn’t what I expected in a good way. Please come back to me.” She fell her body pull her spirit in. Once in her body she had to adjust to it. When she finally did, she felt pain. She moaned in pain. Nick looked up and the first thing he saw was big blue eyes. “Nissa, thank GOD!!!” He kissed her.

“What, did you think you’d get rid of me that easily?” She struggled to say.

“I would never want that.”


“Shhhh, don’t talk. We have plenty of time to catch up. I’m just glad you are back.” Nick went and got the doctor. He examined her and determined her recovery plan.

“Hello Miss Sohma. My name is Dr. Olafin Verano. I need to do some test to make sure that while being in that coma, you didn’t do any brain damage. Although we did do a CT Scan while you were in it and everything seem to be working fine. I just want to make sure. I will send in the order and when the crew comes in in the morning you will get that done. In the meantime, I need you to get some rest. If you need anything at all, Loretta, your nurse will get it for you.”

“Thank you, doctor.” Nissa said out of breath. She then looked at Nick. “I died.”

“What do you mean?”

“While I was in the coma, I died. I saw mom and dad.”

“Want to talk about it?”

“No. Not yet.”

“OK baby get some rest. I will be right here.” He kissed her forehead. Nissa was so drugged up with pain killers that she fell asleep immediately. “I love you baby girl.” Nick whispered.

Nissa was woken up by a technician removing her monitor wires. She looked over to the chair Nick was sitting in, and saw that he wasn’t there. She immediately thought that him being there was all a dream. That she made him up. She saw herself thinking the worst case scenerios, when the tech and the nurse began speaking to her about the tests she was going to have done. Once she acknowledged what they were telling her, she asked the nurse.

“By any chance, did you see a man sitting here.”

“No Ma’am, I just started my shift.”

“Ok so maybe he was here.” Nissa said to herself. For the following hour and a half, they ran every test that they could think of. When they took her back to her room, there he was. His long blonde locks a mess, and flashing his 10 Million watt smile at her. She sighed. Once she sat on her bed, the nurse went back to the desk.

“What’s wrong Gummy Bear?” She got out of her bed and slowly stood up. Nick walked to her. She hugged him. Then whispered.

“I thought I had dreamt you up.” She smelled him as her hug got tighter. He hugged her just as tight.

“No baby girl. I’ve been here since before you woke up.”

“I’m so glad you are.” He helped her get back in her bed. Then he turned on the TV. “Put it on E!, I need my celebrity fix.” Although her face was swollen from hitting the window so hard, Nick saw a smirk that accompanied the sarcastic remark. As he was setting up the channel she got on her Facebook. She had over 300 notifications. She checked what that was all about. She checked her wall. It was covered with ‘RIP Nissa’ messages. The first one starting at around the same time the EMT contacted the hospital for arrival clearance. “Uh oh. I have been killed.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m scrolling down my wall and so many people have written on my wall. This guy even had the balls to write ‘RIP Nissa. You were so hot, I bet you were good in bed too.’ Like really?”

“I’ll say!” Nick said. She shot him a ‘Go to Hell’ look.

“These people really think that I’m dead” She logged on to her Twitter. There she found both her fans and Nick’s fans freaking out. Worried about how he was taking it. Just as she was going to tweet, her doctor came in.

“Miss Sohma, let’s talk about your recovery plan. It looks like the broken rib has punctured your lung. Due to the collapsed lung we have to keep you here and treat you with oxygen and antibiotics.” Nissa was getting really upset.

“Dr. Verano, I can’t stay, I have to give a speech in Los Angeles and accept my mother’s recognition.”

“I understand, Miss Sohma. But if you want to recover fast, you need to stay here” Nick noticed that she was getting very upset.

“Nissa, the doctor is right. You should stay here. Anything could go wrong. In my experience, the fans will understand if you can’t make it.” She was angry because she would probably have to miss it, but she knew they were right. She didn’t say anything more. The doctor walked out of the room. Nick tried talking to her but she didn’t want to hear any of it. Nick sat there in silence. Nissa updated her Facebook.

‘I want to settle this rumor that I died last night in a car accident. It’s true that I had a car accident. I was in a coma, but thanks to God, I am still here. As we speak they are checking my brain activity to make sure I didn’t do damage to it. But I do have a couple of broken ribs and a collapsed lung. Can’t forget my swollen face. But in general I’m doing well. I will keep you all posted’

Her notifications blew up in less than 5 minutes. Nick’s did too. Every fan was relieved that although Nissa was in the hospital, she was alive. She continued the treatment, but her vitals were unstable because she was really antsy. The day was getting closer and she couldn’t deal with the fact that she might have to miss that special day. She waited a couple more hours. When the doctors switched shifts, she got out of bed and got dressed. She was caught by the Nurse.

“Miss Sohma, may I ask what are you up to?”

“I’m signing myself out. My mother deserves that I make it there. I don’t think any of you understand that.”

“Well, we will need to speak to the doctor in charge.”

“That’s fine but I have to get out of here today.” The nurse left the room to go talk to the doctor. Her cell rang. “Hello?”

“Nissa? Oh thank God.” Eric said with relief.

“Hey big brother, how are you?”

“I’m doing good. Working. I just got back from Dallas.”

“Oh really? How’s Norma and Patsy?”

“They are good. They are really worried about you.”

“I have to call them as soon as I can. I’m trying to get out of here in time for the ceremony.”

“What ceremony?”

“My mom is getting inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame tomorrow. I need to get out of here today to make it on time.”

“You need to focus on getting better.”

“I know but I have to be there.” Dr. Verano walked in. “Look I have to go. I’ll keep you posted.”

“OK sis. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

“Well, Miss Sohma. Since you want to leave so bad, I’ve decided to let you go. Promise me that at the first sign of distress you will go see a doctor. Be it the emergency room or your primary doctor.”

“Alright Doctor, I will.”

“I’ll get the nurse to prepare your discharge paperwork.”

“Thank you!” Nissa waited to be released. Nick had gone out to make some phone calls. And he came back to see Nissa ready to walk out.

“What’s going on?” He asked, kissing her swollen lips gently.

“I’m being discharged.”

“Really? I’m pretty sure you threatened the Doctor to do so.”

“No. I didn’t. I guess he realized that this is a once in a lifetime chance. And I know it’s not for me, it’s for my mother. I think she deserves my effort to be there to receive this award for her. I mean everyone that you loved dearly was there when Backstreet Boys got theirs. So you know what that means.”

“Yes baby. I know what it means. And I will do everything in my power to get you there. But you also need to understand that anything could go wrong with any of these injuries.”

“OK.” It took several hours for the doctor and nurse to put all the necessary paper work together and discharge her. The moment she was let go, they got into Nick’s rented car and headed to the airport.

“Are you sure you don’t want to go home and get some things?”

“No. Whatever I need I can get in Los Angeles.” Nick was so hesitant about flying. He was extremely concerned about her lungs. She was having a hard time breathing. And he knew that the higher the altitude, the harder her breathing would get. Once they got on the plane, she fell asleep. Normally he would be out cold but this time, he stayed up to keep an eye on her breathing. He was right, the longer they stayed in the air, the harder it got for her to breathe. She woke up when they began descending for landing.

“What’s wrong?” He asked her.

“My lungs feel really heavy.”

“1-10, how are you feeling?”


“We are about to land. We’ll take it from there.”

“How long?”

“About 15 to 20 minutes.”

“I think I can manage.” For the next 15 minutes, all Nick could do was watch her struggle to breathe while she looked out the window with hope in her eyes. Then he began to think about what this girl has done to him to make him put his life on hold and be there for her. What had he done to deserve someone like her. He snapped out of it as soon as the plane touched down.

“Ok we are gonna wait till everyone gets off.”

“Ok baby. I will wait.” She told him as she leaned in for a kiss. She winced when his lips touched hers. They got off the plane after the last passenger was off. A gate agent was waiting for them at the plane door with a wheelchair. He wheeled her out of the airport and hailed a cab. Once he got her situated in the back seat, he hopped in next to her. Resting his hand on her knee. Every so often squeezing it. Every time he did, Nissa knew that he was telling her everything was going to be alright. She looked at him as he looked out to the horizon. The closer they got to his house the bigger the beach got. She couldn’t help but notice the breathtaking view of Nick and the beautiful sunset behind him. They arrived to Nick’s house. He was concerned about getting her to rest. She knew she had to rest but she couldn’t resist exploring his house. It was exactly how she imagined it would be. Big windows, clean and simple. There were double doors that led you from the living room to a balcony, overlooking the beach. It was breathtaking.

“Baby girl, you need to sit and rest at least.”

“Fine, I’ll sit. But only if I can sit out on the balcony.” Nick wasn’t going to argue with her. It wasn’t cold that night. There was a light breeze. He helped her sit down in a lawnchair. He sat next to her, throwing his arm around her. “You know, I have to go get an outfit for tomorrow.” She informed him as she laid her head on him.

“The ceremony is not till 1pm. We could drive down Rodeo Drive in the morning.”

“No. Walmart will do. I don’t want anything fancy.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes I’m sure.”

“OK baby. Would you like something to eat?”

“Yes please. I’m due medicine.”

“I don’t have anything in the house. Would you like some Chinese?”

“That sounds good.” Nick ordered the food and then sat with her.

“Is your speech ready?”

“No. My laptop was totaled in the accident. But I can wing the speech. I’m just heartbroken about all my pictures. The ones you took with me when we first met. The last ones of dad and me. All of them.” Nick saw a tear roll down her cheek.

“I’ll get them back for you. I promise.” He wiped the tear from her cheek. Dinner was delivered quick. They enjoyed a candlelit dinner out on the balcony. He then helped her take a bath and lay down in his bed. She fell asleep. He took that time to shower. Then sat down to relax a little. Jake was in the neighborhood and dropped by.

“Hey dude. I saw your light on.” They did their handshake. “How’s Nissa?”

“She’s struggling but she’s ok. I wish she would have stayed at the hospital. But her mother is getting a star on the Walk of Fame. So she wanted to be here.”

“Where is she now?”

“Sleeping. She’s on heavy pain killers. She’s got broken ribs, collapsed lung, , and a swollen face. Just to name a few.”

“At least she’s resting.”

“Yeah. I don’t know how she’s going to get through tomorrow, but she is really determined.”

“That is a good quality in a woman.”

“Hey, by any chance do you know anyone who could retrieve files from a broken laptop?”

“There’s this guy on Sunset Boulevard that does all that. His name is Steve.”

“Thanks man. What are you doing tomorrow?”

“Not much. Taking care of some work business.”

“That’s cool.”

“So tell me, what’s going on with you and Nissa besides the obvious?”

“She loves me.”


“I love her too.” Nick had that look that told Jake there was more to that.”

“Uh huh?”

“I just don’t know how to tell her that.”

“Why not?”

“You know how I am. Last time I felt like this was with Mandy and look how that turned out.”

“Nick, even I know that Nissa would never hurt you. I saw it when I first met her. It was written in her face. Her admiration and appreciation in her eyes.” Nick couldn’t believe that a guy like Jake would even noticed all that. Jake noticed the confused look Nick gave him. “Yes I know how to get deep like that.” Nick grinned. “To be honest, the only way this relationship would go down the drain is if you screw up.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”

“I know that there’s too many temptations in your industry, but you need to fight it.”

“I know.” They talked for a couple of more hours. They even played wow. Nick kept playing even after Jake left. Once he started feeling tired, he logged off. The next morning gets awaken by his phone.

“Nick listen, I’ve been trying to get ahold of you.” Travis told him.

“What’s up?”

“I need you to meet me at my office for a possible job opportunity.”

“That’s great! When?”

“Today at 12:30”

“I can’t today. I have a prior commitment.”

“That’s fine. We can meet tomorrow at the same time. How’s Nissa?”

“She’s doing alright.”

“That’s good. Well I will let you go. Tomorrow at 12:30 in my office.”

“Affirmative” Nick proceeded to get out of bed. He got dressed. He tried getting Nissa up.

“Give me half an hour, daddy.” Nick chuckled.
“I can’t we have to go get your outfit.” Nissa went back to snoring. Nick gently kissed her. She grinned.

“MMMMmmmmm baby I’m too tired. I want to sleep.”

“I know you do but we have to drive to L..A, go shopping,then drive back, get ready. Then go back to L.A. We have to factor in traffic, etc.”

“Sshhh you talk too much. You probably have something in your closet I can put an outfit together with.” Nick saw the determination for sleep she had. He let her sleep. At 11:00 he woke her up. Still half asleep, she sat up on the bed. Her hair a mess. “Can you please get me the smallest pieces you have?”

“You weren’t kidding?”

“No I wasn’t.”

“Ok.” Nick got her something to eat. He brought it up to her. While she ate, Nick went through his closet and took out everything in the smaller sizes. Most of what Nick owned would wrap around Nissa at least once. He didn’t have much that would fit Nissa. He took out this black and red tuxedo that he wore to a wedding. He was the best man and it had to be opposite to what the groom wore. A red with black accent tuxedo.

“Hey can I see that?” Nick handed it to her. “I love this. Can I wear it?”

“Of course you can.”

“Do you have a red shirt that I can wear instead of the black one?”

“Let me check my shirt drawer.” He looked through his shirt drawer while Nissa put on the pants and made some adjustments. “Ah here we go. This one will go great with it.” He handed her a folded up red dress shirt. “I’ll let you get dressed.” Nissa proceeded to get dressed. Nick went back downstairs to clean up the mess he made while making her breakfast. She finished getting ready. She then realized that she didn’t have shoes. She decided to wear the sneakers that she had been wearing the whole time. She rummaged through what was left of her purse for any makeup. Luckily she had the basics. She found some concealer, face powder, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, and lip gloss. She had put that in her purse when she started dating Nick. She figured that since his life was unpredictable, she should be prepared in case of an impromptu situation. Nick came back upstairs to find her fighting with her concealer and crying out of frustration. “Baby, what’s the matter?”

“I can’t get this concealer to cover up my bruises, and I don’t have shoe that match the outfit. Everything is going so wrong.”

“Gummy Bear, you don’t need any make up. You look fine.”

“Nick, you don’t get it do you? I’m going to be photographed from every angle. I want to look decent. Not perfect but decent.” Nick was getting dressed as they were having that conversation.

“I get it. But remember, everyone knows about the accident. They are not judging you. How is your side?”

“It’s a little sore.”

“And your breathing? Do you need to do a breathing treatment?”

“I might have to.”

“Ok as soon as comb my hair, I’ll set it up for you. As for the shoes, we can stop at a shoe store on the way there. That’s not a problem.” Nick stood in front of the mirror. She stood behind him. She hugged him and rested her head on his back.

“You look so handsome.” He looked at her through the mirror.

“Thank you baby. You look beautiful. And I do have to say that you rock that suit.”

“Ha. What would possess you to own this anyway?”

“I was the best man at an ex girlfriend’s brother’s wedding. I just never got around selling it or something.”

“Honestly, I’m glad you didn’t. It saved me a trip to the store.” They finished up and headed out. They got to L.A. and searched for a shoe store. She went in as soon as they found one. She found the perfect black flats. She made her way to the checkout counter. “Hello, I would like to put this on my credit card.”

“All right can I see the credit card and your driver’s license?”

“I don’t have any of those. I figured I could give you my card number.”

“I’m sorry Miss but I can’t do that. I need a physical credit card.”

“But I need these shoes. I have to purchase these.”

“I’m sorry but I can’t do that.”

“This is Los Angeles. Paris Hilton walks in and tells you her credit card number and you just punch it in. What’s so different about me?”

“You are not famous that’s what’s different.” Nick was wondering what’s taking her so long. He decided to find a parking spot and went in the store.

“What’s going on baby?”

“She won’t let me give her my credit card number so I can purchase the shoes.”

“It’s Ok baby. Just go back in the car I will take care of this.” Nissa does as he asked. He then turns to the associate. “Now may I ask why you couldn’t take her credit card number?”

“Sir, I need to have a physical credit card so that I can make sure it is her in charge of it.”

“But yet you can do it for everyone else?”

“I um…I…I…” The associate stuttered. Nick handed her his credit card.

“If it wasn’t because we are in dire need of these shoes, I wouldn’t even bother. But just so you know that was extremely bad behavior from you part. And you won’t be seeing me here anymore. I will also be complaining to your boss. Because I think this was discriminatory of your part.

Nick walked out of the store and got in the car. He handed the bag to Nissa.” Here you go Gummy Bear.” Nissa leaned over and kissed his cheek, “Thank you, baby.”

“You are very welcome.” Nick got on the road. As he got closer to their destination, he found it really hard to get in. There was an ocean of fans. Both Jazmine, and Nissa fans. He finally found the place where he was supposed to park his car. They were met by Carlos. Carlos kissed Nissa on both cheeks, greeting her.

“Hey girl. I’m so glad that you could make it. I figured you couldn’t because of the accident.”

“You know I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I wish mom was the one accepting it. I guess I’m just as good.”

“You’ll be ok. Come on. Let’s get you all ready. The ceremony is about to start.” Nissa and Nick followed Carlos. They got situated. They could hear all the screaming fans where they were waiting. Nissa could feel her stomach knot up. And as if he knew, Nick put his hand on her knee and giving it a squeeze. To reassure her that he was there for her. It was time to start. Carlos led them to the podium. Every photographer in the world started snapping pictures of Nissa and Nick. The fans went wild. They shouted for Nissa. Nissa never felt so proud. The president of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor said their speeches. They unveiled the star. Nissa burst in tears as she looked at it. Admiring her mother’s name on the star. Nissa walked over to the podium to give her speech. She looked out at the sea of faces that waited patiently to deliver the most beautiful speech. She looked at Nick. He nodded in approval. She sighed. Then she turned back to the crowd.

‘This is an honor for me to be accepting this for my Mom. My mother was an extraordinary person. She was always grateful to all her fans. So I want to thank each and every one of you for coming out and sharing this special moment with me. Rain or shine, accident or no accident I wouldn’t have missed this moment. Thank you and I love you guys.’

Nissa waved. The crowd cheered for her as the photographers continued to snap away. She spent the next couple of minutes taking pictures and signing autographs with the fans. Nick was keeping an eye on her. Making sure that she wasn’t overdoing it. She glanced over at Nick. She thought he looked really handsome. He looked like he was part of the secret service. She was really turned on. She snapped out 0f that thought when a fan stood next to her to take a picture with her and elbowed her in the ribcage. She doubled in pain.

“Nissa, I’m sorry!” The teenage fan said in horror.

“It’s alright. You didn’t do it on purpose.” Nick came to her rescue.

”Come on. We are done here.” Nick told her, pulling her out of the crowd.

“No Nick, I’m not done here!”

“You’ve been hurt!” She could hear concern in his voice.

“I know that. She didn’t mean to. It was an accident.”

“That’s good enough reason to go.” Nissa was upset. He helped her into his car. Nissa got angrier and angrier by the minute.

“Who the hell do you think you are?”

“Nissa that was an accident but the next time wasn’t gonna be.”

“That girl is gonna feel so bad. She’s gonna think that she did something really bad.”

“She’ll get over it.”

“You are being the biggest douche bag ever. How dare you come between my fans and I? I won’t ever allow that. Just like I respect your relationship with your fans, I want you to respect mine. You’re not my bodyguard either. You are my boyfriend.”

“Babe calm down. You’re not breathing right.”

“Don’t tell me to calm down! I’m extremely angry at you.” She shut up for a little while.

“I was just trying to protect you. I don’t want you to hurt if you’re gonna be stubborn and do exactly what the doctor told you NOT to do.”

“Just shut the fuck up Nick. I’m done with this conversation.” They drove home in silence. Once they got back to the house, Nissa ate her leftovers from dinner. She took her medicine and laid down. Nick sat in his office, still dressed.

“What the hell am I doing? Obviously she doesn’t need me. Why am I stupid to believe that she needs?” His phone rang. “Travis, what’s up?”

“So I see that you’ve become Nissa’s little bitch.”

“What the fuck? No I’m not. I choose to be there. I choose to do all this.” Believe me she is extremely independent.”

“So explain to me why you looked like her bodyguard?”

“I didn’t think that protecting my girlfriend was a bad thing.”

“It’s not that Nick. For the past 2 to 3 years it’s been all about her. Everything you do revolves around her. I think you’re losing focus on yourself.”

“Maybe I want to take a break.”

“That’s really up to you. But remember, everything you do has repercussions.”

“I know. Are you free right now?

“Yes I am.”

“Oh good, can you come by my place? I figured we could talk about the job opportunity.”

“Yeah. That’s a good idea. I’ll be right over.” They hung up. Nick checked on Nissa. He stood there watching her sleep peacefully.

“God Nissa, you’re so beautiful. I just wish I knew what I’m doing wrong.” He was frustrated with himself and with the situation. His doorbell rang. He went downstairs and answered.


“Hey. So since we are meeting now, you don’t have to go to my office tomorrow.”

“Great, I can’t wait till you tell me.”

“Ha. I was contacted by GQ magazine.” Nick interrupted.

“Um, why?”

“They are doing a feature of Christina Ricci…”

“Yes!!?” Nick said really intrigued. Travis was tickled by his curiosity.

“She specifically asked for you!!!”

“What!!!!??” He jumped out of his chair like a little school fan girl.

“She said that you oozed of boy-next-door charm.”

“Really? You know I’m definitely in! Make that phone call.”

“Alright. I will when I get back to my office.” Jake walked in like he owned the place.

“What’s up Carter? And weasel?” Jake really disliked Travis. They had some history that both Travis and Jake agreed not to tell Nick. They thought it would complicate things between the professional and casual sides for Nick.

“Not much. But my teenage dreams are coming true!”

“What do you mean?”

“Christina Ricci asked for me to do a photo shoot with her.”

“No way, dude! That’s what’s up.”

“I’m gonna head out. Ill text you to confirm that job.”

“OK, thanks” Travis leaves. Nick and Jake get on their laptops to play WOW. Nissa wakes up. Thinking about Norma and Patsy. She calls Norma.


“Hey Norma. How are you?”

“I’m good. I was so worried about you.”

“I’m so sorry. I was trying to make it to the ceremony.”

“I saw you on TV. I’m too proud of you. And I know that they are both smiling down at you.”

“Thank you. If I had more time I would’ve flown you guys out here.”

“You didn’t have any time. We understand. How are you besides that?”

“My face is still swollen. If I overdo it, I loose my breath. Other than that I’m ok.”

“That’s good. How are you and Nick doing?”

“We are Ok. I yelled at him earlier. I feel so bad.”

“What’d he do?”

“He took me away from the fans because a fan elbowed me in the ribcage. He said that the next time it wasn’t gonna be an accident.”

“He was probably right. He’s been in these kinds of situations. So he should know. Nissa, I know you think he’s trying to keep you from your fans, but he’s not. He’s the first one to bring you together with your fans. He’s doing what a loving boyfriend would do. Keep in mind that he’s taking care of you because he wants to. Not because he has to.”

“You’re right Norma. I really do feel bad.”

“You need to take care of him. You won’t find someone like that everyday.”

“Thank you Norma. How’s life in Texas?”

“I love it. Patsy gave me a job at the diner. We’ve become closer than ever and the people here are just great.”

“That’s good. I’m glad that you left Friendship. I mean I’m still there but I don’t ever know what state I’ll be in the next week. Pun intended.” Norma chuckled.

“Hang in there. You’re stronger than you think.”

“Thank you Norma.” She gets off the phone and walks downstairs to find the boys buried in their laptop screens. She snuck behind Nick and out her hands over his eyes. He grinned. He grabbed her and kissed the inside of her hand. She kissed his neck. He leaned into the kiss. He turned his head to her and her lips landed on his.

“Alright you two, I’m still here.” They chuckled.

“Can I borrow your car?” She asked him as she nibbled on his ear.

“Why? What’s up?”

“I want to make a run to the 7-Eleven down the street.”

“I could take you if you want.”

“I could go. My meds have worn off and it’s not that far.” Nick thought about it. She needed some time to herself. And she was right about the medicine being worn off already.

“Sure Gummy Bear. The keys are on the table by the door.”

“Thank you, baby. I’ll be back in a couple of minutes. Do you guys need anything?”

“Yes can you bring me a Mountain Dew from the fountain machine?”

“Yes Jake. I can. How about you baby?”

“Bring me the same as Jake please.”

“You got it. I will be right back.” Nissa kisses Nick. She goes and comes back within 20 minutes.

Nissa stayed with Nick for 2 more months. He took her to the doctors and kept up with all her appointment. Nissa started packing her belongings. Since she felt better she needed to go home and take care of everything. Nick didn’t want her to go home. He was so used to coming home to her smiling face. They argued and made up. Nissa got frustrated with herself and took it out on him. He was trying to take care of her that he felt like he wasn’t good enough. All he knew was that his heart wants her so close to him. He walked upstairs to his room. He finds Nissa hovering over her suitcase she purchased earlier that day.

“Hey baby. I thought you were at Jake’s.”

“I couldn’t stay away when I know you’re going home. I could hang out with him anytime.”

“That’s too sweet.” She said standing on her tippy toes and throwing her arms around his neck. She kissed him. She let go. She saw he was sad. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing baby. Why?” He put his hands on her hips and pulled her close to him.

“I was just wondering.” He kissed her lips. He squeezed her butt. She squealed and giggled. She bit his bottom lip he picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He walked her over to the window. He looked at Nissa.

“Baby, I can’t get enough of you.” He told her in a breathy voice. He intertwined his fingers with hers. While kissing her, he put their hands over her head and pushed them against the window. He continued kissing her. He kissed her lips, then her chin, making his way to her neck. Nissa moaned. She wanted him so bad. She wiggled her hands out of his and ran her fingers through his hair. Sending chills down his spine. He bit her neck.

“Mmmmm, I knew you had vampire in you!” She pulled his shirt over his head, exposing his chest. She leaned towards him and kissed his shoulder. He put his hands on the small of her back. She thrusted her pelvis closer to his when she felt his hands on her back. She could feel how hard he was and that if she didn’t let him out he was gonna burst out of his pants. She could tell that he wanted to pound her by the way his kissing got more playful and rough. She giggled, scratching his back. He knew she wanted him just as bad. With Nissa still wrapped around his waist, he walked over to his night stand to pull out a condom out of his drawer. Nissa hopped off of him. She took her underwear off, while Nick slipped the condom off. Once he had it on, Nissa hopped back on him. He pushed her against the window and thrusted in her. He got into his rhythm. “Oh God!” She moaned. He knew he was pleasing her because he could feel her trying to keep him in place with her knees every time he would go in. He could feel her pushing her pelvis into his. He was grunting. Nissa liked hearing him grunt because it showed that he too was enjoying it. He increased the speed in his thrusting. Nissa was so into it that she didn’t notice how loud she was being. And that they were banging on the window, catching the attention of passerbys. Nick noticed a group of surfer guys cheering him on. “We have an audience baby.” She said turning to see what he had discovered.

“Good baby.” That turned her on even more. She bit his lip again. He kissed her, sticking his tongue in her mouth. She sucked on it and immediately Nick squeezed her thigh.

“Oooooooh baby, I can’t! Oh God!!!!!” She was telling him, trying to hold on a little longer. She knew he wasn’t far either. Knowing that, threw her into a frenzy of physical feelings. “OH YES!!!!!!!! Oh God!!!!!” She shouted. Nick kissed her breast as she held on tight to him. He could still feel her pussy walls contracting, trying to recuperate from her orgasm. The spasms were too intense for him to keep him from blowing. The closer he got to the moment, the closer she held him to her. He felt desired. He blew with the thought that this young girl wanted him and nobody else.

“Mmmmm baby, you make me feel young again. I’ve never felt like this.”

“I’m glad.” She said still trying to catch her breath. She kissed him and got down from him. Nick walked into his bathroom to clean off. She got dressed and returned to her packing. Nick came out the bathroom wearing nothing. “Wow baby.” Nick smiled as he got dressed. Nissa walked to him. He zipped his pants up and wrapped his arms around her.
“I’m gonna miss you.”

“You know I will too. Every time you stay with me, I get used to you. And when you’re gone I have to do it all over again. I have to say goodbye for a while.”

“I’m sorry baby.” She said. She kissed him and went back to her packing. She didn’t know what to say to that. She didn’t know how to comfort him. “Nick, I…” She realized that he wasn’t there. He had gone downstairs.
Several hours had passed. It was time for them to get to the airport. Nick was feeling that tight feeling in his stomach. Nissa knew that Nick wasn’t himself at all this time. She didn’t know what to say or do to make him feel better. The whole ride to the airport he held her hand. Kissing it several times and glancing at her. He couldn’t believe that he could have such an amazing girl. And on top of that a fan that didn’t turn out to be crazy. He always tried dating girls that weren’t fans, but he hit the jackpot this time. Without him knowing it, they had arrived at the airport. He had done it so many times that he could do it in his sleep. He parked in front of the departures area. They got out and he took her suitcase out. He sat it down.

“Baby, do you have to go!?”

“Nicky, you know that I have to. I have responsibilities to take care of at home.”

“I know baby girl.” Her flight number was called.

“I have to go baby.” They kissed. “I love you.” She walked away. And as she almost disappeared through the doors she heard…

“I love you too Nissa!” Nissa turned around and ran to him. She jumped on him and kissed him.

“You do?”

“Yes. I’ve been in love with you for a while. I just didn’t know how to tell you.”

“Oh baby, I’m so glad to be hearing you tell me that.”


“Because for a while there, I thought that I was investing my time and feelings for nothing. But sometimes you would do or say something, giving me a sign that I was wrong.”

“There were times that I would do something and you would you yell at me, making me think that I wasn’t good enough for you.”

“Nicky, you are Nick ‘FUCKING’ Carter. You could have just about anyone and yet you chose me. You are more than what I ever imagined you would be.” The final call for her flight was made.

“I really have to go. I’ll call you when I get there.” He kissed her.

“Ok baby.” She got on. All she could do was think about him telling her that he loved her. She smiled big. She was so deep in thought that she didn’t notice they had taken off. As soon as they got to cruising altitude they were told that the flight had Wi-Fi available to them. Nissa signed on to her account. The moment her home page on her iPad browser loaded she saw that someone had taken a picture of Nick and her saying goodbye. Nissa looked at Nick in the picture. She noticed that he looked sad instead of how happy he acted at that moment.

Nick stood there until his flight tracker app showed her flight had taken off. He drove home and took all the time in the world. He was avoiding going home to an empty house. He drove down Pacific Coast Highway with Nissa’s playlist playing at full blast. Unmistakable was playing. Little did he know how true those words were. He didn’t comprehend the meaning of them when he first sang them. He drove for almost 2 hours. He decided that he wasn’t gonna be sad anymore. She would be back in no time. He began to think about his upcoming photo shoot with his childhood celebrity crus, Christina Ricci. He was extremely excited for that. And what made it even better was that Nissa was beyond supportive. He finally made home. He walked into a very silent house. No music blaring from any of the rooms. All he could hear was Nacho’s clickety-clacks of his nails on the wood floors. Nick threw his keys on the table by the door and threw himself on the couch. Looking out his balcony door. The waves were getting wild since there was a storm coming in. Nick fell asleep.

“Baby, I’m home.” Nick heard Nissa shout from the front door. He got up from the couch and went to greet her.

“Hi baby. I thought you went back to Friendship.”

“I couldn’t. I want to be here with you.”


“Yes baby. This distance is crazy and I just want to be with you.”

“Well let’s do something about it.” He was woken up by thunder. Nissa was nowhere to be seen. He was very disappointed. He sat up and ran his fingers through his chin length, layered golden hair. As he made his way to the kitchen, his phone rang. He answered on the second ring. “Hey baby. How was your flight?”

“It wasn’t so bad actually.”

“I miss you already. My house is different without you.”

“I know babe. I miss you too! I found a huge pile of bills in my mailbox. I’m so far behind it’s not even funny.”

“How’s the house?”

“It’s solitary. Good thing I don’t have any pets”

“Yeah I agree.”

“Well I just called to let you know that I made it ok.” She heard thunder in the background. “Is it storming out there?”

“Yeah. It’s perfect for getting the fireplace going. Laying on the couch, cuddling and watching a movie.”

“That sounds so good right about now.”

“You know it’s doable.”

“We are gonna have to wait until we get together again.”

“Yeah” he said sounding disappointed.

“Well baby let me settle in and we can video chat later.”

“Ok Gummy Bear, that sounds like a plan.” They got off the phone. Nissa went into her room and started up her desktop. Sophie knocked on the door. Nissa looked out her window and saw both Sophie and Joel.

“It’s open.” She told them from upstairs. They came up. “Hey guys. What are you up to?”

“Nada. Heard you were back in town. How are you feeling?”

“Better actually. What’s new with you?”

“Well I have a new and better job.”

“Joel, that’s great! Where?”

“I wrote a program just for the fun of it and it turns out that NASA found out about it. They could use my program to update the simulators they use to train the astronauts. So they contacted me so that I can oversee everything having to do with my program. So I have to move to Florida.”

“I’m so happy for you! That’s amazing. I will warn you though, a long distance relationship is extremely hard.” Sophie and Joel looked at each other like they didn’t know how to tell her the rest.

“Nissa, I’m going with him.” Sophie wasn’t sure how she’d take the news.

“Oh. OK. I’m really happy for you guys! When are you going?”

“This week!”

“Good thing I came home, huh?”

“Yes!” Sophie gave her a hug. Joel joined in too.

“I’m gonna miss you guys.”

“Let’s go have dinner. My treat.” Joel invited them. They both accepted immediately. They headed out to LeFrogs to have what was a bittersweet last dinner. Nissa went back home afterwards and continued what she set out to do before Sophie and Joel came over. Before she knew it, it was 2:30 in the morning. She knew that Nick would still be up so she Facetimed him.

“Hey baby are you alright?”

“Yes why do you ask?”

“I figured you’d call me sooner.”

“I went to have dinner with Sophie and Joel. It was our only chance before they got really busy.” Nissa’s eyes glistened with tears. Nick immediately saw that.

“Baby what’s the matter!?” He asked very concerned. Nissa couldn’t hold her tears.

“They are moving to Florida. I mean I know that I’m never around, but they are my best friends and I’m really gonna miss them. It’s going to be different coming home and they are not around.”

“Oh baby, I’m so sorry. If it’s any consolation, you can always go see them. I’m pretty sure that being in a new place they would love to see your familiar face.”

“I know babe. It’s just apparently I’m not doing too well with all these changes. At once.”

“You’re going to be fine. You can always come see me too. Anytime you want. You know that.

“I know.”

“I have the photo shoot with Christina in 2 days. Afterwards, I can fly out there and keep you company.”

“You don’t have to do that baby. You’ve done so much for me already.”

“I know I don’t have to, but I want to. I hate seeing you like this. Come on, dry those tears.” Nissa did what he asked her. She smiled at him. “God, you are so beautiful.” She became bashful. She could feel her cheeks get hot. Nick stared at his screen. He was mesmerized by her. To him she was gorgeous in every sense of the word. Physically and personality wise. Nissa wasn’t one of those girls that was gorgeous and treated everyone like shit. She respected and appreciated everyone for who they were. So it was very easy for everyone to love her. She made them feel like they were perfect. Nick loved that about her. Even though they argued all the time, she made him feel perfect about himself. “I wish you were here with me instead. I hate being so far apart from you.”

“Baby I do too. I hate not being able to get a hug from you, whenever I feel like it.” Nick smiled. She wanted him to comfort her. Usually the girls he dated didn’t want to be held by him like that. All they wanted was money or to be seen with a celebrity.

Nick noticed that Nissa was fighting to stay awake a little longer. He chuckled. “Baby go to sleep. You look exhausted.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes darling. Call me when you get up.”

“OK. I love you.”

“I love you too, my love.”

“Good night.”

“Night night, Gummy Bear.”

The next couple of days, Nissa helped Joel and Sophie pack up their things. She was feeling sad for herself but very happy for them both. It made her happy that her best friends were able to get out of Friendship and make something out of themselves. Not an easy task to do in her opinion.

Nick headed out to the location of the photo shoot. All he could think about was Nissa. How he wished she was there with him. He arrived and he was greeted by his makeup artist and Christina’s manager.

“Hello Mr. Carter. My name is Victor. I am Ms. Ricci’s manager. We have everything set up for you. Anything else that you might need, let us know and we will get it for you.”

“Thank you, Victor. When will I meet Ms. Ricci?”

“As soon as you get in character.”

“Great! Let’s get ready, Amy.” Amy was his makeup artist and his hairdresser. She had been working with Nick since the Black and Blue tour. She was really shy. But Nick understood her. And he never mistreated her. That’s why she was so loyal to him.
It didn’t take Nick too long to get dressed, and Amy knew what to do to get him ready in record time. She’s known about his crush on Christina. When Nick walked out on set, Christina was laying in an old fashion 1920’s love seat. She was wearing a flapper’s dress. Her hair was done like the ladies in the 20’s. Nick grinned. That explained why he was dressed like he was a member of the mob. When Christina saw him walk in, she smiled so big. She got up from the chair and greeted him.

“Nick, how are you?” She kissed him on both cheeks.

“Ms. Ricci, this is an honor. I’ve been a fan of yours since you were in the Addams family movie.”

“Wow that is a long time.” She grinned. She inspected his look. “I knew you would be great for this shoot. You look amazing! Shall we?” She laid back down on the couch. The photographer was ready. He instructed Nick to hover over her. To put his knee between her legs and to look at her like he wanted to devour her sexually. She pulled on his jacket and bit his lip. She looked at the camera seductively while he stared at her. The photographer snapped several shots in that pose and others close to that. They went through 3 other wardrobe changes. The photo session lasted 5 hours. “Nick I want to thank you. You were a natural. And I knew you were gonna be perfect for this.”

“Are you kidding me? This was a great moment for me. I’m glad I was able to compliment you in this spread. And you have made my childhood dream come true.”

“I’m glad.” They said their goodbyes. Nick walked out of there so proud. He felt good because at his age he had an amazing girl. And his childhood celebrity crush sought him out. By the time he got out of there it was almost dinner time. He decided to invite Jake to Skylight to celebrate.

“This place is hot tonight. Look at all these ladies”

“It’s a perfect night to come celebrate.” They headed to the bar. With drinks in hand they headed to the VIP lounge and sat there. Once again they were met by a couple of girls that frequented the club and hung out with them. Julie the brunette immediately sat on Nick’s lap.

“Hey baby, how have you been? I haven’t seen you in a minute.”

“I’ve been on tour.” She leaned into him and began to kiss his neck. He placed his hand on the small of her back. He turned his head and his lips met hers. She reminded him of Nissa. This girl was hot and he wanted her. He grabbed her neck and tilted her head back to expose her neck. He made his way down from her neck to her chest, licking the top of her Double D tits. She poured some of her drink on them so he could continue licking her up. Nick kept drinking heavily, mixing drinks. He felt so good. He hadn’t felt like that in a while. Julie stuck her hand in his shirt. She whispered in his ear.

“Come on. Let’s get out of here.” She got up and stuck her hand out to him. He got up and grabbed her ass as he made his way out the VIP lounge. Jake was too busy with a couple of girls that he didn’t notice that Nick had left. Julie and Nick headed to his car. He unlocked it and she got in the backseat. He followed. The moment the door was shut, she unzipped his pants and pulled his hard dick out. She didn’t hesitate in sticking it in her mouth. Nick jumped. He wasn’t expecting it that soon.

“Oh god. That feels so good.” He tugged on her hair. “Mmmmmmmm” He tilted his head back, enjoying the feeling he was getting. She was deep throating him, making him harder. “Fuck baby.” She was teasing his head with her tongue giving him a suck between licks and rubbing both hands up and down the length of his dick. He traced his finger up and down her back. “Jules, I’m about to bust.” She continued what she was doing and let him cum in her mouth. She took it like a pro and sat up as she swallowed Nick’s load. He pulled her hair and pulled her in for some kissing. She sat on his lap. Nick ran his hand up her thigh, making his way to her inner thigh. She was wearing a denim mini skirt. He kept going up until he got to her underwear. He rubbed her clit over her silky boy shorts. She was really wet. He pulled them off and rubbed her clit some more. He stuck his finger in her pussy, thrusting it deep. She moaned while she kissed him and stuck her tongue in his mouth. She was grinding on his finger. He put his thumb on her clit, intensifying the feeling she was getting from having his finger in her pussy.

“Nicky don’t stop! Oh yeah baby! Don’t stop!” He kept going. She came, squirting juices in his hand. He pulled his finger out of her pussy and he licked the palm of his hand.

“You taste so fucking good.” He kissed her and she licked her juices from his lips. “You’re so fucking hot, Jules!” She giggled.

“You still got it baby.” She said kissing him one last time, and getting out of his car. She grabbed her leather jacket and threw it over her shoulder as she walked away. He licked his lips.

“Damn girl, you better keep walking before I fuck you hard!” She looked back at him and blew him a kiss as she continued walking. Nick sat in the backseat with his legs spread and his arms spread across the back of the seat. Thinking about how he still got it.

I Can’t Do This Anymore


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