Where Do We Go From Here Fun Facts

Chapter 1 is my concert experience. I did change little details so that I could fit into the story, but in general it is what happened when I saw the boys on August 30th, 2013 in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Nissa Sohma’s name came from manga called Fruits basket. The Sohma family has a curse that 12 members of the family are possesed by the spirits of the Chinese Zodiac. Every time they get nervouse, stressed or are touched by a girl they turn into an animal from the Chinese Zodiac. I loved the Sohma spelling and pronouciation. That’s why I chose that last name. Nissa’s first name came from a character of the same manga, Kisa Sohma. Since I wanted that name to sound a lot like Nick’s name, I changed the name to Nissa. That’s where I got the name Nissa Sohma.

Nissa’s Heritage-Trying to keep the Sohma feel to it and adding a little of me to her, Nissa has Japanese and Puerto Rican in her from her mother’s side of the family, when the father is unknown. But in WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE her father is known and he is Puerto Rican.

Yes I named Patsy after Patsy Cline. When I came up with her name, I had just discovered Patsy’s Music so I was obsessed.

Everything I described in Chapter 7 about Springfield, MA is accurate. Except about Red Rose Pizzeria being a former diner. That was just made up for the story.

The shower sex scene in I Can’t Do This Anymore was actually written by my friend and fellow writer Kimberly Power. I’m still getting comfortable in writing sex scenes and at that time I had a little writers block. She came to my rescue.

Sex scene in Chapter 13 I wrote after drinking multiple shots of rum!

The little numbers at the bottom of the page are Nick and Nissa’s ages. I kind of got tired of having to reread the chapters to calculate their ages all the time. So that’s my little note to keep track of it.