Should Kids be on a Leash?

This is a topic that can be controversial. Whether a child should be on a leash. Some people think it’s child abuse. Some think it’s not. Either way, here’s what I think.

Let me start by explaining what I mean a leash. When I was a kid, the one that my mom used on me was a strap that would be strapped around her wrist and around mine.

But nowadays the designs are more comfortable for the child. For example now there’s ones that are like little backpacks with the leash strap attached to them. There’s ones that go around the wrist but they have cushions.There’s many styles to choose from according to your needs.

After my mom used the leash on me on a trip to all the Amusement parks in Orlando, Florida, I always thought that it was cruel. Why you ask? Well because at 4 or 5 all I wanted to do was run around and enjoy the park but I was tied down to my mother. I grew up believing this. Let me tell you how quick my thoughts on that changed. When my daughter was about a year and a half, I had to travel by plane to visit my family. I was traveling by myself with her. So I went and bought the monkey back pack. And let me tell you, what a life saver it was. Walking around the airport terminals with my toddler all by myself was going to be hard enough. With the leash I was able to keep her with me at all times. Didn’t have to run around after her and she was safe. In a place like an airport or amusement park where there are so many people and anything could go wrong, putting your child on a leash is a life saver and a lot of times a necessity.

This is my opinion on this matter. And I speak from my personal experience. I invite you to comment on your take of this controversial topic. I look forward to reading them.

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