Short Stories

So as most of you already know I had never written a short story. Why you ask? Well because, I love giving detail to everything that it’s impossible to keep it short. So my friend Tracy (I will post links to where you can follow her. She’s a fellow writer and she is great!) challenged us on the BSB Fanfiction Facebook page we are part of to write a short holiday story about BSB. So I immediately accepted the challenge. I did it. And not only that, I wrote it in Nick’s point of view (another challenge for me). I called it Kidnapped on New Year’s. Just wanted to share that.

 photo Kidnappedphoto_zpsjtbyrf9n.jpg

Kidnapped on New Year’s

Now, where to follow my friend Tracy…
Blue Starlight Fanfiction

WattPad: @KrickingKaos

This two of several places where posts her stories….

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