Carter Mania:The Beginning. 

My story starts in 1998. I was just 10 years old. I was entering that phase where I was attracted to boys. I can’t say that I was boy crazy yet though. Summer of 1998, my sister and I went to visit my father in Miami. He then took us to Puerto Rico to see our grandparents and aunts that we hadn’t seen in several years. That same year the movie Titanic had been released to the theaters. Somehow one of my aunts had gotten a bootleg copy of it and I saw it. I immediately fell in love with Leonardo DiCaprio. With his blue eyes. And his golden, brow length hair. I couldn’t get him out of my head. At that time my mom didn’t allow us to watch PG-13 movies so I couldn’t watch it when I went back home. All I had in my head was a snap shot of Leo drawing Rose. That scene that only shows his eyes. I thought he was the bees knees. But that changed the following year.

That year we didn’t see our father. So we spent the summer with our grandmother in Massachusetts ( that’s where we lived, Springfield, MA) while our Mom worked. One day I was watching Disney Channel and all of the sudden they showed the commercial for Backstreet Boys Disney Concert. It showed a glimpse of whom at the time I did not know was Nick Carter. When the commercial for it was over, I excitedly and proudly announced that I was watching it and no one was gonna stop me. Yes I was a it dramatic due to my wild imagination.  I wrote it in my calendar and counted down…

The day was July 10, 1999. And it came extremely fast. I had told my mom that I was gonna stay the night at my grandmother’s. Just because we had moved in to a new apartment with the man that would later become our step-dad. And we didn’t have cable. So I made sure I was at grandma’s that night.  So my sister, Keila and me got to grandma’s. I was real antsy to see that beautiful blonde man again. As 7pm eastern time rolled around I got my front row seat in front of the TV. Fighting with my sister for the remote control. Just because I knew she would change the channel to be mean. Victory! I Won! So here comes the intro to the song I would later find out was EVERYBODY (Backstreet’s Back). I watched and listened to every song they performed. I didn’t recognize any of them until they performed As Long As You Love Me. I used to hear it every morning before going to school. I loved it. I would sing it over and over in my head. Until one day I sang it out loud and the boy I had a crush on heard me. He told me that he had their CD. He never told me who sang the song. And somehow I never caught the name of the artist from the radio. So anyway, I sit through the whole show, hung up on the beautiful blonde man. Not realizing that the 1 Hour Special would change my whole world around…Forever…

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