8 Emotions Only Backstreet Boys Fans Understand

What Happens On The Backstreet

Sometimes as a Backstreet Boys fan, you feel things. You feel things that no one outside of the fandom understands. Okay, maybe the younger generation of fangirls and fanboys might to a certain degree, but when you’ve been going through these emotions for 22 years, it’s different. You’re going to read this, and you’re going to feel relief that you are not alone in your wide range of extreme emotions as a BSB fan. You’re also going to realize that we really do need that Backstreet Wine suggestion to be real life.

1. The Irrational Anger From People Asking The Wrong Questions.

There is nothing worse than fielding questions from non-fans:

“You’re going to see them AGAIN?” Yes, yes I am. My money, my happiness, my life. Shut up.

“Which boyband is it again? New Kids?” Stop it.

“Woaaahh, they’re still around?!” SERIOUSLY?!

We never ask sports fans “Oh you’re…

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