8 Things NOT To Do At A Backstreet Boys VIP

What Happens On The Backstreet

Going to a Backstreet Boys VIP can be cause for great anxiety. You’ve just took the plunge and bought your VIP meet and greet, you’ve talked your best friend into going with you, you’ve rehearsed what you’re going to say over and over in your head. You have counted down the months, days, hours and minutes until you will be sharing oxygen with the five guys you’ve loved longer than your boyfriend/husband/dog, until you will be touching them, hugging them, potentially losing your mind…What is your name again?!

If you think this post is about the actual “rules” of VIP, you. are. wrong. We’re here to tell you what eternal BSB fanclub members (AKA Have-Bought-So-Many-VIP-That-They-Have-Lifetime-Membership) all know to be true about meet and greets with the Backstreet Boys.

1. Don’t Ignore Nick Carter.

This is probably the first thing that any VIP-going fan will tell you. Whether you are a…

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