3 Things Each Backstreet Boy Does At Every Concert

This is so true!

What Happens On The Backstreet

Sure, there are certain songs that the Backstreet Boys perform at every show that make every performance complete, but for the fans, there are certain things that each Boy does that a concert wouldn’t be complete without. We think you’ll agree.

Here are 5 things each Backstreet Boy does at every concert (or it’s not a real show).

Kevin Richardson

1. Reaching into the audience to touch everyone he can. If you were in the pit at the IAWLT concert, there were perhaps a few times that you thought he was going to fall onto you trying to reach everyone.

2. Holding his mic with both hands. As displayed in the photo above, Kevin has the habit of putting both hands on a microphone when he REALLY wants you to listen.

3. Closing his eyes and raising his eyebrows. That’s when you know he’s into it, y’all.

Bonus: Sometimes he…

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