@NickCarter and his mother, I can’t comprehend!!!

This weeks I Heart Nick Carter episode is about Nick dealing with the awful things that his mother has been saying. I can’t comprehend how a mother, any mother could say all these awful things about their child. The child that although loved what he’s been doing, gave up his childhood to support her ass. She claimed that she worked her ass and has been. She worked alright, her hand swiping that credit card, courtesy of Nick and Aaron Carter (Ah Aaron, another subject for another time). The whole Leslie situation. If both parents weren’t so busy fighting over what belonged to them and had been parents, maybe Leslie would’ve been with us right now. Believe it or not, what happened to Leslie was not, I repeat NOT, Nick’s fault. Jane mistreated her thus contributing to her depression and drug abuse. Unfortunately, Nick couldn’t help her on time when he himself wasn’t in the right place to help her. And because he couldn’t Jane is blaming him.

This post came about because I’m feeling extremely melancholy. I miss my mother. She lives all the way in Massachusetts. And I’ve been in Texas for 5 years. I’ve seen her 2 times in that whole time. And a lot of times, I just want to lay my head on her lap and feel the comfort that brings. This is why I’m hurting for Nick. I could just imagine how many times he needed that and he couldn’t get it because his mother is one of the wort human beings out there. It breaks my heart to see someone that I’ve loved for so long hurt and not have a mother’s love. Because no matter how much Jane says she loves her kids, she doesn’t. Blaming someone for all HER mistakes is not love.

These are my feelings about this matter.



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