In honor of my 100th post: One secret of mine

Back in 2003, when Never Gone was released, I fell in love with the song Siberia. So as I would listen to it, I played out some scenes. Then turning into a video treatment. I wrote down how every scene would happen, and how the boys would be in it. Then I drew some sketches of the room set up. I was done with it. Then in 2006, I moved with my aunt. She owned a two floor house. She lived on the first floor with her husband, and they let me stay in the upstairs apartment. The bedroom I was sleeping in, was designed the way I drew the room set up for the video. But at first I didn’t realized it until, I was going through some stuff and I found the sketches. I looked out my bedroom window and I realized that the way my bed was, was exactly how it was in the sketches. There was 2 windows in the same spot as in the sketches. I thought it was bizarre. But I just thought I’d share that as my 100th post.


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