Nick Carter With or Without (solo) Backstreet Boys

When Nick released his first album (Now or Never 2002. I was all up for it. Why? Because it was my favorite Backstreet Boy releasing new music. By himself etc. etc. I rocked out to it. I loved it all the way. Then the boys got back together and put out 3 more albums. In 2011 Nick put out his second solo album (I’m Taking Off 2011).

At that point I’m 23. And I’m old enough to see so many differences, that I’m pretty sure so many out there see too! Because out of all the thousands and thousands of fans there’s gotta be 20 or 30 that agree with me…Nick sounds better when he’s singing with the BOYS!!!!!

I’m not saying that his solo music is bad. NO. Don’t get me wrong. But it doesn’t speak to me. For example, Siberia (Never Gone 2005), towards the end of the song, right after the bridge, Nick, and Brian sing their parts. When Nick sings I feel like the words he’s singing are piercing through me. I can feel the emotion he’s putting into it. And I don’t feel that in any of his solo material. Another song that he makes me feel that way is Inconsolable (Unbreakable 2007). The way he sings his parts he puts an emotion, a passion that I don’t hear in his solo stuff. And that’s why I prefer when Nick sings with the BOYS.

Please I’m just voicing my opinion about it. I’m not disrespecting anyone so don’t crucify me for criticizing him. It’s just my honest opinion. I do want to invite you guys to comment below.


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